Detroit-style pizza heating up a clash between chains


LANSING, me. (WILX) – There are some questions that inexplicably seem to provoke passionate responses. what kind of phone do you use? Who is the greatest basketball player of all time? What kind of pizza is the best?

In relation to that last question, the pizza makers in Michigan weigh in.

It started when Pizza Hut, an international chain with around 7,000 locations in the United States, announced it was adding a Detroit-style deep-dish pizza to its menu. This, of course, created problems for local pizza makers trying to keep their customers.

The biggest voice among them was Buddy’s Pizza with 19 restaurants. And that voice got louder when it came to criticizing Pizza Hut’s version of a Detroit-style pizza.

“If Pizza Hut’s Detroit-style pizza is the best they can do, maybe you should stop impressing and stick to knock-knock jokes,” said Wes Pikula, chief brand officer of Buddy’s Pizza. “We laughed when Pizza Hut said,” Nobody has pizza in the cabin, “but if you try to get Buddy out of Detroit, Motor City will rumble.”

While a bit of corporate crackdown has become more widely recognized (and good-natured) in recent years, Buddy’s Pizza took the opportunity of the drama to promote a nonprofit related to COVID-19.

Shortly after teasing its competitor, the company wrote on its website, “By the end of April, Buddy’s Pizza will donate 100% of its profits on Goldbelly to The Barstool Fund, which will help small businesses grapple with the financial impact of COVID-19. “

There is still no response from Pizza Hut regarding the heckling on deep dishes, though they have their own charitable efforts. The Pizza Hut Harvest Program has been operating since 1992 and has donated over £ 94 million of food to feed people in need.

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Dusty Kennedy