Detroit Tigers offense has gone dormant against Oakland Athletics, they lose third straight


Detroit – The Tigers may have to resort to wizardry or some other form of black magic to break the hex against the Oakland Athletics.

Otherwise, try stringing a few hits together and getting a few runs.

Athletics drove three well-hit early home races for rookie Casey Mize on the way to a breezy 7-0 win over the Tigers in Oakland on Saturday. It was her third straight win in the series and improved her record against Detroit to 21-2 by 2017.

Oakland Athletics' Mark Canha, 20, celebrates with Matt Olson, 28, after completing a solo home run against the Detroit Tigers in the second inning.

“That’s two days in a row when we didn’t get a run,” said manager AJ Hinch. “It won’t lead you to many victories. You have to tilt your cap and pay your respects to the guy on the other side, but you also have to stay in the fight and do what you can to make it harder for them. “

The Tigers have put runners on the base once in a row in the last 18 innings. Her offensive in two games has spawned nine singles

“I think it’s just more about guys learning how to play the game at this level,” said Robbie Grossman, the former athlete who has three of these singles, two on Saturday. “We’ll see who really wants to be here and who wants to show up every day and play hard and be a part of it.”

BOX SCORE: Athletics 7, Tiger 0

Getting turned off by right-hander Frankie Montas on Friday night was one thing – right-handers have consistently beaten Tigers Hitters for more than two seasons. Being hidden by a 27-year-old left-hander with a career ERA of 6.87 over six innings is something entirely different. The Tigers got four singles from Cole Irvin, who hit them with a 90-mile sinker and a 91-mile four-seam fastball.

“It looked like he was a little sneaky,” said Hinch. “We just didn’t put bats together.”

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The last time the Tigers were knocked out by the athletes in two consecutive games was the pitchers Ken Holzman and Catfish Hunter. That was in 1973. Against much less celebrated pitchers, Tigers Hitter have struck 31 times and drew only two runs in those three games.

“They really won the competition, the pitcher-batter competition, on both sides of the ball,” said Hinch.

That didn’t leave much room for error for Mize, who had seven goalless innings in Houston. And the fatal blows were struck early.

With two outs in the first round, Matt Olson, Athletics’ first baseman, crushed a raised fastball with two outs. With two outs in the second inning, Aramis Garcia hit a two-part home run (hanging slider) and Mark Canha (fastball) a solo shot on consecutive fields.

These three runs left the bat at exit speeds of 110.6, 104, and 105.7 mph, respectively. Mize ended up going five innings, got 11 swings and misses, and 19 called strikes. But the average exit speed of the 17 balls that athletics brought into play against him was 150 km / h.

“I got off to a slow start and can attribute that to the fact that the slider wasn’t there early and that they could sit on the fastball over the plate,” said Mize. “I should probably have shown them my fastball sooner than I did. They just felt very comfortable with fastballs over their plate.

“I didn’t show the fastball and didn’t land my slider. So you just sat on the four-seam and could do a lot of damage with it. “

The Olson at-bat was the perfect example of this. Mize showed him four raised fastballs with four seams in eight fields. The eighth licked the plate just enough for Olson to pull it up.

“It’s a risk-reward with balls against him,” said Hinch. “He swings and misses a lot and can knock the ball out of the park anytime he swings the club. Casey may have gone to the well in that bat too many times.

“But the key is, their thugs didn’t miss them, they didn’t foul them, they didn’t take them, and they didn’t hit them wrong. It’s the direct opposite of how our bats ended up. “

Mize threw in his fastball after the second inning (as two batsmen prove) and only gave up a few singles up to five.

“Things seem to be flowing a lot better,” said Mize. “I seemed more like myself, which made pop songs uncomfortable to throw inward. I hate that I couldn’t realize and do this before. “

The athletics against a couple is ahead of reliever Joe Jimenez, who continues to struggle with his control. After running three on Thursday, he went four in the seventh inning, which resulted in two more runs.

“It was a bad game for Joe in the big leagues,” said Hinch. “The walks are a problem. I know he worked hard to get his delivery correct. But we have to throw the ball over the plate. “

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