Detroit Will Halt Water Shutoffs and Begin Temporarily Restoring Service Due to Coronavirus


Detroit imposes a moratorium on water closures

Thousands of Detroit customers who couldn’t afford their water bills have lived without running water to their homes since the Detroit Water and Sewage division abruptly began shutting down services for customers who were late in 2014. Along with activists and public health experts, they have fought for the past six years to get the water turned on again. Thanks to the threat of the global coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, public handwashing notices, and the work of these activists, Detroit announced this week it will halt shutdowns and restore service to households.

Customers who are at risk of their water being turned off or whose water supply has already been shut down must call and schedule an appointment at 313-386-9727. For 30 days, the state has agreed to pay to restore the water supply, and after 30 days, customers will have to pay a monthly fee of $ 25 to turn the water back on and keep the services on “until the COVID-19 outbreak is over “. After concerns about COVID-19 subsided, Detroit plans to roll customers back to the previous payment plan, which left many people in the community without a source of clean water to drink and wash with for years.

Pontiac is getting a Jamaican restaurant next month

Flavors of JamaicaThe new restaurant in the pop-up and catering outfit Irie Occasions is preparing to open its doors on April 4th. The restaurant on 406 N. Telegraph Rd. Serves classic Jamaican food from the chef Reniel Billups in a casual seating atmosphere. Think: curry goat, oxtail and jerk chicken.

Macomb County sushi restaurant is planning a new outpost

Goblin Sushi Bar in Clinton Township is preparing for expansion just months after opening its first location on Gratiot Avenue. The restaurant announced Tuesday that it had received a $ 30,000 investment to open a second location in Sterling Heights.

The fast-casual Mexican chain Chipotle is heading to Detroit

Detroit is occasionally blessed with a new chain location that would hardly be a slip in the news cycle in any other market, but is causing a stir here. Think back to the passion for Detroit’s first Applebee’s on Eight Mile or the new Panera Bread outpost. Next is bat Chipotle Mexican Grill. Under a new proposal, the developers plan to demolish an empty church near Mack Avenue and Fisher Road and replace it with Detroit’s first outpost of the Carnitas burrito maker.

Hühnerkette plans expansion and fights trademark litigation

Sobeck Enterprises Inc., the parent company of Metro Detroit chicken coop, fights against trademark infringement by the California smoothie company Robecks. The fried chicken chain received a cease and desist letter from Robecks shortly after filing a trademark application for the term “Sobecks”. The family business has since countered with a lawsuit.

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