Detroit’s 10 best social media accounts for architecture and homes


Detroit’s built environment was and is beautiful to look at. Fortunately, there are some great people out there taking pictures and archiving it.

Whether you just want to check out some pretty pictures or want to be better informed about the history of the city’s buildings, there are plenty of great social media accounts to follow. Below we’ve rounded up 10 of the best on Instagram and Facebook that offer a nice mix of architecture, design, and history.

Nadir Ali

Perhaps no other photographer working in Detroit is taking pictures as breathtakingly as Ali. You can find perfectly composed drone images of the city’s skyline and architecture on his Instagram account or website. He often includes the weather in his photos and uses snow and fog to great effect.

O’Connor real estate

This Detroit-based real estate agency lists some of the coolest buildings in the city. This can be seen on his Instagram account. Exceptional photography highlights some of the attractive homes, lofts, and office space that are available for sale and rent. Not only are photos published showing the listings, but the city is often portrayed in other ways. In addition, numerous well-designed rooms and urban landscapes are offered.

Historic Detroit Area architecture

The most comprehensive resource on historic architecture in Detroit. Members of this Facebook group post photos and share links to architecturally significant buildings in Metro Detroit. Often the posts contain additional information about the architect, the creation date and many other details. Historical photos or renderings are sometimes accompanied. A lively discussion always follows.

Woodward throwbacks

This Hamtramck-based shop that makes furniture from scrap wood has an Instagram killer account. Posts include old buildings and places that wood is sourced, places that the products are installed, details of the items found, and just cool photos around town. Definitely worth a visit.

Detroit architecture

Do you want photos of great architecture in the city? Then this account delivers the goods. This account contains photos of buildings or details of buildings, often with additional historical information.

Historic Detroit

Another vital resource for the history of buildings in Detroit. On this Facebook page you will find the latest articles, pictures, anniversaries and more about the built environment of the city. The website offers even more complete stories about virtually all of Detroit’s iconic structures.

Morgan McDonald

Like Nadir Ali, this photographer takes perfectly composed shots of Detroit. It shows buildings, houses and city life mainly from the street.

Jonathan Peters

This “traveler, researcher, photographer, historian and tour guide” Instagram account contains mostly photos of buildings, mostly in Detroit. The posts are a nice mix of houses and other structures, often accompanied by historical information.

Parducci society

This Instagram account not only celebrates the great Italian-American architectural sculptor Corrado Parducci, who did most of his job in Detroit, but also the craftsmanship in general. Beautiful, detailed recordings of work by Parducci and others are published. You can also follow the group’s Facebook page for more information on events hosted by the company.

Breathing machine

If you’re looking for (literally) a fuller picture of architecture in the state, check out this one-of-a-kind Instagram account. Photographer Jesse Robinson shows beautiful shots of historic Detroit architecture and old houses across the state in small towns like Romeo and Almont. You can find some cool stock photos too, and the description always has some extra information.


Dusty Kennedy