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Detroit’s Drive-In Theater Pop-Up Opens Downtown on January 22


Downtown Detroit’s pop-up drive-in, Monroe Street Drive-In, is slated to debut in just over a week, offering take-away restaurant-to-car delivery options. The project, a collaboration between real estate company Bedrock and cinema company Emagine Entertainment, is slated to open on Friday, January 22nd, with a screening in Jurassic Park from 1993.

The venue will occupy the Monroe Block project area – the location of Detroit’s first theater district – bounded by Monroe, Bates, Cadillac Square and Randolph Street in downtown. Tickets cost $ 20 per vehicle and will be available for purchase online in the coming days. Customers can also buy passes in person if they want to take their risk while parking. The venue has space for 65 vehicles per show. Bedock plans to make the venue available for free one night a month for family-friendly screenings by working with schools and community groups.

Concessions are offered on site in a “modular concession pavilion”, in which classic films such as popcorn, snacks, coffee, hot cocoa, pop and water are served. A representative told Eater that visitors will also have the option to order takeaway food to have it delivered to their cars at participating Decked Out Detroit restaurants. Toilet trailers and heating stations will also be set up on the site.

Drive-in theaters have served as a lifeline for people wanting to get out of their homes safely during the pandemic. Dearborn’s own Ford-Wyoming drive-in, a 70-year-old classic, was one of the theaters drawing hordes of cars in 2020. The Monroe Street Drive-In will, if temporarily, meet the need for safer pandemic activity in the downtown area. Even before 2020, the city had a shortage of places to watch movies.

The theater is Bedrock’s latest pandemic project under the “Decked Out Detroit” program. In December, the company began installing heated pergolas outside of restaurants in downtown Bedrock and providing free parking to buyers on participating lots.

Monroe Street Drive-In show times begin every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday starting January 22nd at 7pm. After the Jurassic Park screening, visitors can watch Shrek on Saturday January 23rd and Back to the Future on Sunday January 24th.

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Dusty Kennedy