Detroit’s Opera MODO defies the norm with Opera Captured on Film festival


Detroit-based Opera MODO is known for engaging, modern performances that showcase emerging talent in new and imaginative environments.

And from Friday Opera MODO will be working with the Freep Film Festival on a series of virtual events. The Opera Captured on Film Fest will include:

  • A recently filmed production of the classic love story “Carmen”, reinterpreted as part of the Netflix hit “Orange is the New Black”.
  • A recorded world premiere of A Capacity for Evil, a musical detective story that revolves around a series of gruesome religious murders on New Years Eve.
  • Live performances by the opera stars
  • Questions and answers after the event.

Events begin on Friday April 23rd and tickets are available now.

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The festival is based on a filmed version of two of Opera MODO’s recent productions. Both filmed events will be accompanied by livestream appearances by the opera stars and livestream questions and answers after the event.

A few details:


This “Carmen” was recorded in the Jam Handy building in Detroit and records a traditionally great and grand opera and re-plays it in an intimate space with a chamber ensemble. But that’s not the only reinterpretation of Georges Bizet’s beloved story about the title’s free-wheeling gypsy. Instead of traditional 19th-century Spain, Carmen’s doomed romance takes place in an environment not unlike the Netflix prison series, Orange Is The New Black.

“An ability for evil”

A scene from Opera MODOs

This world premiere of Opera MODO was recorded at Ant Hall in Hamtramck and inspired by the tradition of Sherlock Holmes. The detective story follows Daniel, a famous 1930s private investigator who, with the help of his partner Doyle and fiancée Angelica, works to uncover a series of gruesome religious murders on New Year’s Eve. When tensions build up and time is running out, the bonds between the three friends are tested.

Opera captured on film

Presented by Opera MODO in collaboration with the Freep Film Festival

Recorded performances only (available through Sunday April 25): $ 12 each

Live Performance, Recorded Performance, and Live Q&A: $ 50 for full daytime programming

The $ 125 pass includes all events and additional support for Opera MODO

All details, tickets and more:


Dusty Kennedy