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Duggan Expands Vaccination Eligibility To Detroit Food Service Workers


Starting today, any food service employee, regardless of age, living or working in Detroit can schedule an appointment to receive the COVID-19 vaccine at the TCF center, Mayor Mike Duggan announced today. The mayor also added any security guards who live or work in the city of Detroit to the list of eligible persons. The full list of eligible persons now includes:

  • Food Service Workers, Including Grocery, Restaurant, Meat Packing, and Food and Beverage Handling Workers Who Live or Work in Detroit (NEW)
  • Security Guards and Caretakers Who Live or Work in Detroit (NEW)
  • Any Detroit city resident who is 65 years of age or older.
    • That is, anyone born in 1955 or earlier.
  • K-12 teachers and support staff and day carers
  • S. Post employees who live or work in Detroit
  • Detroit city employees or city agencies working from their regular construction site (employees who work from home are not currently eligible
  • State and federal law enforcement agencies operate in Detroit
  • Members of the clergy interact with members of their ward
  • Undertaker / undertaker in Detroit
  • Paid and unpaid healthcare professionals who may be exposed, directly or indirectly, to patients or infectious materials who work in Detroit

“Food service workers play a vital role in our economy and affect all of our lives. I am delighted that we can now offer them the vaccine,” said Mayor Duggan. “This new expansion potential will give even more Detroiters and key workers better access to vaccination and hopefully protect another group of frontline workers from this terrible disease.”

The mayor also selected security guards and caretakers who, because of their work, are employed in environments where they are in close contact with large numbers of people on a daily basis. This is the fifth increase in eligibility since the city opened the TCF Center’s vaccination center. Initially, Detroit residents’ access to vaccinations was restricted to those aged 75 and over. However, the current volume of calls for scheduling inquiries allows the mayor to lower the threshold to those 65 and over last week.

The public dashboard tracks doses and vaccinations
To date, the city has received 39,350 doses of vaccine and administered 18,444 at the end of the day on Monday. These include more than 7,300 residents over 65 years of age and good neighbor drivers, 1,993 healthcare providers, 2,400 first aiders, 2,800 teachers and school staff, and 2,500 other eligible people. Figures updated daily are now available on a public dashboard accessible at

How to make an appointment
Eligible residents and employees can make an appointment Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. by calling 313-230-0505. Until yesterday, the average waiting time for callers who went through the initial prompts to determine their eligibility was around 15 minutes. You can find detailed information on the TCF test page at As additional independent vaccination sites go online at pharmacies and elsewhere in town, a map of locations will be added to the website.

Planning details

Vaccinations are only carried out by appointment. Workers and residents are not vaccinated without making an appointment beforehand. Individuals must call 313-230-0505 to make an appointment.

Grocery store and security personnel making appointments must provide their name, home address, and age. For greater efficiency and convenience, the city recommends that eligible members of the same family or neighbors make an appointment together, if possible, and arrive in the same vehicle. Basic Group B workers must provide their employer’s name and last pay slip to verify their eligibility.

Second vaccination required
When scheduling their appointment, individuals are given TWO appointments, one for the first dose and one for the required second dose. The call center staff will be in touch with any scheduled person before their second appointment to remind them. Individuals are also given specific instructions on when and where to arrive at the TCF center, where to fill out a basic consent form.

After receiving the vaccination, people must stay in their vehicles in the TCF garage for about 15 minutes to ensure there are no side effects. Medical staff are available to assist anyone who may experience side effects. Appointments should be around an hour once the person enters the TCF garage.

This press release was produced by the City of Detroit. The views expressed here are the author’s own.


Dusty Kennedy