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Eat, Drink, and Shop in Metro Detroit During the Coronavirus Pandemic


Michigan has been dealing with a widespread novel coronavirus outbreak since early March. Measures to contain the spread of the disease have saved lives, but also turned the local restaurant scene upside down. Restaurants that may never have thought of offering take-away are now rapidly turning to online ordering platforms and roadside pick-up procedures, masks have become part of everyday uniform in many kitchens, and an unprecedented number of food service employees have been laid off . Detroiters rely on groceries and take-out more than ever.

In this guide, Eater Detroit gathers comprehensive tips on how to eat, drink, entertain and support local businesses during these difficult times. Here you will find information on restaurants selling groceries, opening times, beer and wine delivery services, where to buy the coolest restaurant merch, and stories about the community that is coming together to weather this crisis.

More local news on the impact of COVID-19 on the food industry can be found here. Do you have a tip, question or story to share? Contact us at [email protected]


Dusty Kennedy