Ex-Detroit Tiger Nick Castellanos scuffles with St. Louis Cardinals, Cincinnati Reds win


Cincinnati – Nick Castellanos stood in front of St. Louis pitcher Jake Woodford after scoring, leaning over and sparking a series of brawls, which included reliefs pushing in the outfield as the Cincinnati Reds beat the Cardinals at 9 on Saturday: 6 defeated.

St. Louis starter Adam Wainwright was tossed around for six runs and chased the third. At the next inning, the teams began marking each other.

Castellanos, a former tiger who returned home on opening day and jumped out of the box before throwing his club, was overthrown by Woodford with two outs and none in the fourth. Castellanos retrieved the ball and offered to throw it back at Woodford before knocking it out of play.

A wild field soon sent Castellanos scurrying home from third place, and he scored with a headshot to make it 7-2 when he met Woodford, who took the throw from catcher Yadier Molina on the plate.

As Castellanos left, Molina hurried over and patted him from behind. The benches and bullpens were emptied in one wild scene.

There was more shoving and shoving before order seemed to be restored. But when both teams’ relief mugs returned to their bullpens, they got tangled in the outfield.

Castellanos was the only player kicked. Aristides Aquino replaced Castellanos and led the sixth inning with a home run.

Tucker Barnhart’s homer in two runs sparked a third run in six runs for the Reds.

Tyler Mahle (1-0) hit nine in five innings and allowed two deserved runs.

Paul DeJong scored two solo home runs for St. Louis. Nolan Arenado joined the Cardinals for his first home run.

Wainwright (0-1) only lasted 2 2/3 innings, giving up five earned runs and seven hits.

In 2010, the Cardinals and Reds got into a major brawl in Cincinnati. Molina and Brandon Phillips started barking at the plate and eventually Red’s pitcher Johnny Cueto got pinned against the backstop and tried to kick his way out.


Dusty Kennedy