Exploring the Detroit Promise Path


A project by The Detroit News, funded by the Education Writers Association, a national organization committed to improving education coverage to better educate the public, is researching a program called Detroit High School Helping graduates advance to community college and graduation.

The EWA appointed college reporter Kim Kozlowski as its 2019 reporter and awarded her $ 5,000 to cover this project. This work was supported by many of the Detroit News journalists, including Tom Gromak, editor for digital innovation; photographers Max Ortiz, Clarence Tabb, Todd McInturf, Andy Morrison, and John Greilick, and freelance photographer Elaine Cromie; Presentation Editor James Hollar; Digital editor Lauren Abdel-Razzaq; News editor Andreas Supanich; Assistant City Editors Al Wilson and Steve Murphy; and Managing Editor Kevin J. Hardy.

Released 4:23 UTC March 18, 2021
Updated at 5:36 UTC March 18, 2021


Dusty Kennedy