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The Commons is a unique combination of coffee shop and laundromat that advocates for all members of the community. We sit on the corner of four different parts of the city and celebrate and greet every neighbor in our doors. We offer a wide variety of beverages and foods that you can enjoy alongside our washing machines and dryers. Come in for a free cup of coffee while you wash or try our convenient laundry service.

Video transcript

EDYTHE FORD: So we decided to open up our place and call it The Commons because this is the usual place. I don’t care how high you are or how low you are. Everyone in the laundromat is common in society and status.

GRACE GRAY: I’m the general manager here at The Commons and have been here for about a year and a half. It has been a great privilege to serve here, serve the community, and meet the neighbors. This position really united some of my passions, but it’s really just about loving and serving people. For me, coffee is actually just a means of getting to know people.

Especially in everyday life I’ve seen that it really has an impact on neighbors who come in and need a variety of things. Maybe they need groceries, maybe they need groceries, maybe their utility bills need to be paid, or maybe they even need help with their property taxes to really see the impact of the neighbors’ daily lives.

We bring in some homeless people and try to offer them as much food as possible. And everyone who is hungry we try to give them a sandwich or drink if we can.

edythe ford: MACC Development is a not-for-profit development company based in Detroit, ZIP Code 48214. We’re an organization that believes in building our community, neighbor by neighbor, block by block. And we own a project, a social equity company called The Commons, in our building on 7900 Mack Avenue.

And I work with our community to make sure they are cared for, to promote The Commons, to organize, mentor, and empower our neighbors to care for their community.

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