First polar bear cubs since 2004 born and raised since November at Detroit Zoo


For the first time in 16 years, a polar bear cub is growing up at the Detroit Zoo.

Better still, it’s not just one cub, it’s two.

The proud mother is Suka, whose offspring lived no more than a few days in 2018 and 2019, the zoo said.

Their newest cubs, born on November 17th, continue to grow despite one being cared for by the zoo staff.

The fighting boy, who is female, was weak and inactive two days after birth, the zoo said.

She was examined by vets and given fluids and formulas. Since then, she has been looked after and bottle-fed around the clock.

The cub, which weighed 1.2 pounds at 2 days of age, now weighs 11.3 pounds, the zoo said. She left the zoo’s incubator and will eventually return to the habitat of the Arctic Ring of Life, one of the largest zoo polar bears in the world according to the Zoo. It features a grassy tundra, freshwater pool, pack ice area, and 190,000 gallon saltwater pool.

It is not yet known if she will be able to reunite with her mother and sibling. If she can’t, she will live with other bears.

One of the polar bear cubs born at the Detroit Zoo on November 17, 2020.

Meanwhile, Suka, who is 8 years old, remains a very observant mother to her other cub, the zoo said. She constantly grooms, grooms and cuddles with the boy.

The boys who have not yet been named are not yet visible to zoo visitors. But her father Nuka (16) and Anana (20) are on display in the zoo.

At birth, the cubs weigh approximately 1.2 pounds compared to 830 pounds for the mother.

The fact that the twins are raised separately, one by Mama Bear and one by humans, will give the zoo a rare chance to learn from the experience, officials said.

The staff closely monitor both boys and track their development milestones. At this point, both boys’ eyes are open, their teeth are coming in, and they are learning to take their first steps.