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Futuro Is Bringing Detroit-Style Pizza To Indy – Indianapolis Monthly


Futuros pizza selection.Photo by Tony Valainis

It could have taken a pandemic to lead them into their first independent business, but long-time Kuma’s Corner chef partner Luke Tobias and his wife Sarah St. Aubin Tobias, herself the owner of a salon, have finally thrown their hats into the world of restaurant ownership. At Futuro, their new pizzeria, housed in a double-decker shop on the Angie’s List campus east of downtown, square-cut Detroit pies hit the crispy edge of roasted cheese with a buttery, golden base and strips of slightly chunky sauce on top. It will definitely fight for your new favorite local ‘za. But the Chicago deep-dish is another favorite, and Futuro’s version of school pizza, the fluffy, yeasty sheet pan version you’ll remember from your cafeteria days, lets you swap your bowl of fruit for another rectangular slice.


Dusty Kennedy