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Get a taste of Mexico at this new restaurant in Southwest Detroit


Southwest Detroit – From the colorful murals to the sizzling fajitas, La Palapa del Parian offers a taste of Mexico. This new restaurant in southwest Detroit takes part of its name from the small town in Mexico that the owners are from, El Parian.

“It’s a small town in Guadalajara, Jalisco,” said Nancy Diaz-Lopez, the owner. “There are lots of restaurants and entertainment. You have living mariachi. “

The “La Palapa” part in its name is an allusion to the origins of the restaurant.

“A ‘la Palapa’ is almost like a small garage … where you set up yourself like a grill,” explains Diaz-Lopez. You see, this restaurant started out as a food truck. During the recession, Nancy’s parents owned a food truck, but their father couldn’t run it as much as he wanted because of his other job. Nancy and her husband convinced their parents to rent it to them, and so they did. One food truck became two, then three, and finally four. Nancy and her husband decided to convert the building they used as commissioner into a restaurant, but just as they were about to open, COVID-19 came to Michigan and the governor ordered the restaurants to close for dining service.

“Once you have employees, you really can’t push them aside,” said Diaz-Lopez. “We already have a brand [we can do] Orders to take away and then people will see what we are about and give them that flavor. “

Hard work and delicious food paid off.

“That makes me very proud, we haven’t given up,” said Diaz-Lopez.

The menu features a lot of the same dishes that you find in the food trucks, but they add a lot more. While many of their meals are based in their home state of Jalisco, they have food from all over Mexico. They have popular dishes like fajitas, enchiladas, and burritos, but they also offer some homier dishes like pozole verde, a pork hominy stew in tomatillo sauce, served with tostadas, onions, radishes, and limes.

Currently they offer dining, patio seating and performing. If you want to try La Palapa Del Parian, it’s located on 1633 Lawndale Street in southwest Detroit.

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Dusty Kennedy