High school coach looking forward to watching Detroit Southeastern’s Gholston play in Super Bowl


Donshell English is traveling to Tampa on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to watch one of their players live their lifelong dream of playing in the Super Bowl.

English, the head coach at Detroit Mumford, co-developed William Gholston as head coach at Detroit Southeastern more than a decade ago.

Starting at the end of the defensive for the Buccaneers, 29-year-old Gholston tries to put pressure on Kansas City quarterback Patrick Mahomes when they play defending Super Bowl champion Chiefs on Sunday night at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay.

“I’m excited, I’m going to the Super Bowl,” said English, who planned to leave Detroit on Friday for a fun weekend with his wife and a few other 2009 Southeastern coaching staff. “We looked for airline tickets straight after the game (NFL Championship). I texted him and he called me back.

“Our situation is very tense. We keep in touch. I usually go to him at least once a year, go to a game, but I couldn’t last year because of COVID.

“He’s just a wonderful kid. It’s what we want when we look after all of these boys. We want them to understand their place that allows them to shine and do some of the things we struggle so hard to do in order to reach children. He gets it.

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“He was a great, charismatic boy, always humble and you know that from the way he gives back to the community all the time. Although he stays in Tampa, he always comes here and runs a free soccer clinic, and he also gives away turkeys for Thanksgiving. “

Gholston, who is 6-foot-6 and 280 pounds, was an All-American from USA Today High School in his senior year in 2009. He then helped Michigan state win a share of the Big Ten title before 2010 he became two. Time all-Big Ten second-team cast for the Spartans.

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Tampa Bay selected Gholston in the fourth round of the 2013 NFL Draft.

How does English remember Gholston when he played for Southeastern?

“The crazy physique and the athleticism, he was very trainable and he appreciated everything we did for him. It was just one of those perfect storms that he was a great kid that needed someone to help him and us could do it, “said English said.

“He’s one of those one-off players, I just had two this year, Jonathon Hankins was the other and he’s starting for the Las Vegas Raiders.”

Gholston is holding his camp at Mumford High in early June for free for 200-300 children ages 7-14, English said.

“We’re always trying to find different ways to reach children, but when they actually see one of themselves in a situation they dream of, it’s a million miles beyond what I might have to say it will more tangible where you can actually imagine, “said English.” It’s great to see how he works with the kids. He’s tough on them but makes sure they understand that they can achieve whatever they set out to do. “

George Ward, Detroit King’s chief basketball coach, was the head coach of Southeastern when Gholston was a senior.

“We would have been national champions this year if it hadn’t been for that stupid rule,” said Ward. “The rule was, if you played any other sport in an All-American game, you were banned from any subsequent high school athletics in the state of Michigan. We were the only state in the Union that had this rule. He played in the Under Armor All-American game (in January).

“Believe me, with his size, athleticism and strength, if we had won this national championship in 2010, they would definitely have won. I am proud of him. I will definitely watch the Super Bowl. “

Kansas City defeated Tampa Bay 27:24 on Nov. 29 in a game in which Gholston had two tackles and a mistake when the Chiefs were 17-0 ahead and 8 with the Buccaneers.

The Buccaneers then scored a goal on an 86-yard drive to bring the deficit down to 17-7 and turn it into a game.

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