How To Get 100 Kudos In OSRS


Kudos are a type of currency that is rewarded for helping the staff inside of Varrock Museum. To access Fossil Island, you need to obtain 100 or more Kudos which will take some time depending on how much help you provide in order to make it easier and faster than ever before! This guide will tell you exactly what items you should buy at certain points so as not only to save OSRS GP but also to have an efficient way into accessing something many people want – 215 kudos, not just 100, with this easy step-by-step guide by your side!

OSRS Kudos Guide

Varrock is a place where everyone can go, no matter their level of combat. You will be able to explore the town and learn about its history as you earn your first Kudos at Varrock Museum on the bottom floor. There are three exhibits for you to visit; talk with Orlando Smith in order to receive help while visiting each exhibit by reading plaques and answering questions correctly up until all answers have been given through back-tracking when finished. Your efforts can be rewarded with 28 Kudos after you answer correctly all the exhibits there.

Cleaning finds is the second thing you’ll be doing. To start, make sure to equip leather gloves and boots after completing The Dig Site quest. From there, head downstairs to Varrock Museum where we have a cleaning area for when all of your hard work has paid off! You will need specimen brushes, trowels, or rock picks (you can find those on our tool rack!).

You have collected all of the items and now you need to wash off your artifacts. To do this, use water on them in front of a display table at Sinco Doar then talk with one of the archaeologists about exchanging for Kudos once they’re clean. Once you have talked to one of the archaeologists, you must place the artifacts in the correct displays scattered around the museum, then you can earn 78 Kudos!

Questing will be the next step in your path to becoming a scholar of Varrockian history. Go to the Varrock Palace library and find an old book by Dagon-Nai called “Dagon-Nai History”, and read it carefully. After that, you’ll have all sorts of adventures ahead for completing quests like:

After this, you’ll acquire Kudos and reach 143 Total Kudos!

The next step is the completion of a challenging quest called “Bone Voyage.” Once you complete this tough task, you will be able to find unidentified fossils scattered around Fossil Island. To identify these precious relics and bring them back to life, simply clean them! You can also get five unidentified small fossils from the museum camp after building its utilities – talk with Peter once they’re ready for your discoveries.

The fossils that have been cleaned on Fossil Island are brought to the displays located on the Museum’s paleontology floor downstairs. Once you go there, you will see 5 plant displays, 5 large displays, 12 medium displays, and 14 small displays.

Displays are not always easy to understand. That’s why it helps to break them down into their components, the spine with pelvis and limbs for a full-body display or just stump, branch, fossilized roots if you’re making a forest scene. Once all of the necessary pieces have been collected your completed displays will turn into an impressive collection that can be admired forever!

Each time one is complete grants two kudos which adds up to 215 Kudo total.


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