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How to Support Local Detroit Restaurants During the Coronavirus Outbreak


The rapid spread of COVID-19 across America has dramatically changed our entire lives in a matter of days. One of the industries hardest hit by the virus is catering. Michigan is one of the states that has carefully chosen restaurants and bars to switch to takeout and delivery only. Small business owners and workers are having problems right now. Here is a quick guide on how to visit and help the restaurants that make your neighborhood your neighborhood.

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Order directly in the restaurant, not through a third-party app

Right now it is absolutely worth taking a few minutes to call your order directly at a restaurant or to check if they have their own online order. Third-party apps like UberEats, DoorDash, Postmates, and Grubhub get a massive commission – 15-30% – from every order they process. These commissions hurt the restaurant industry’s low profit margins even in good times. However, as orders run low, that extra cash will prove important, especially for independent establishments.

Check Detroit Food Updates for information

Detroit Food Updates is a brand new website from BEYOND Juicery and BMG Media entirely dedicated to listing Metro Detroit restaurants and letting you know if they offer execution and / or delivery during the COVID-19 epidemic. If necessary, you can even find out how to order online in the restaurant. More and more restaurants are being added to the website. So, look for simple answers to what places to eat at this weird, strange time.MCAS - Woodward Avenue BrewersMCAS – Woodward Avenue Brewers

Remember that “delivery beer” is actually legal here

It seems strange, but it’s true. In Michigan, restaurants can get a license that allows an employee to deliver beer or wine (not alcohol) to someone with ID. And luckily for all of us, many of them have that license. Bars that offer (or are working on) this service include Eastern Market Brewing, Woodward Avenue Brewers, and even gems from pubs like Trixie’s. A good reason to support this endeavor is that many of these bars were able to keep their staff.

Comply with the new hygiene standards for coronavirus

We’ve all heard the phrase “social distancing” so much in the past few weeks that we’re tired of hearing it, but it is hugely important. There are several ways to reduce the risk of the virus spreading while you eat: try to stay half a meter away from people and avoid picking up your order at peak times, pay in the restaurant by card instead of cash, and wash Your hands for at least 20 seconds.

As COVID-19 spreads on surfaces, you should be extra careful about throwing away the packaging your food came in as soon as possible and disinfecting any surfaces it touches.

Kind! Kind! ART!

It is always good practice to tip the restaurant employee and / or delivery person, but with restaurants having less traffic and fewer hours for employees, this is more important now than ever. If you are able, take advantage of this situation to tip generously.

Buy gift cards or merch and support local GoFundMe campaigns

One way to help a restaurant during this difficult time is simply to buy more things from them. If the restaurant sells merch, you’re buying the t-shirt you’ve had your eye on for months. If they sell gift cards, buy a few to give as gifts to your friends and family.

In addition, many restaurants, venues, and service staff struggling to keep up financially have launched relief campaigns on sites like GoFundMe. If you have extra money and have been relatively stable through this pandemic, donating to these relief funds will really make a difference.

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Ask about contactless delivery or roadside pickup

As we are all learning what adjustments we need to make to prevent the spread of COVID-19, many local restaurants are adopting new practices such as contactless delivery and roadside collection. In fact, ClickOn Detroit has even put together a guide (by district!) To some independent local favorites that now offer roadside pickup.

Leave the restaurant a good rating

Independent restaurants always strive to get good reviews on Google or Yelp – just think of how many restaurants you picked for a business based on their ratings! So, if you have some favorite spots, there is an easy way to show them some love by finally giving them the five star rating you put off. It will help attract businesses as everyone navigates this changing landscape.

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