Ideas to repurpose 4 Detroit sites to be shown at 2016 Architecture Biennale in Venice


Thom Moran from T + E + A + M. in Ann Arbor and his three partners received the Packard plant for their contract. “Our goal is to create a new image that will help people imagine Detroit’s architecture not as ruins but as material resources for building a new future,” said Moran.

Moran said the facility was “up to date at the time of construction – a testing ground for the use of reinforced concrete”. Now, he said, the architects want to use some of the materials on site to “translate them into a new way of building”. Each location in Detroit will have a room in the exhibit made up of 3D models, drawings, and video animation. “Detroit caught the imagination of many,” said Mark Wallace, president and CEO of Detroit RiverFront Conservancy and member of the Detroit Advisory Board of the exhibition. Other board members include Maurice Cox, Director of Planning for Detroit; Dan Kinkead, Acting Managing Director of Detroit Future City;; Thomas Sherry, director of 313 Creative;; and Lawrence Williamson, real estate manager for Midtown Detroit Inc.


Dusty Kennedy