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Know Your White Sox Enemy: Detroit Tigers


One of the most common jokes I’ve heard about the Detroit Tigers revolves around something about tigers that are not native to Detroit or someone who has never met a live tiger in Detroit. Michigan is literally shaped like a mitt, so it gets pretty cold there. Ergo, tigers are smart not to live there. That could also explain why there are lots of roadside zoos in southern states (well, that and lax animal control laws).

2020 Detroit Tigers: 23-35 (fifth in AL Central)

The Tigers ended dead last year, 12 games back from first and minus one manager. This was her third and final year under Ron Gardenhire, who retired before the end of the season due to health problems related to stress, prostate cancer and a stomach virus from food poisoning.

A few highlights from their 2020 season (as they didn’t have much else) are:

  • Casey Mize almost had a no-hitter during the September 11 game against the White Sox. until Yolmer Sánchez ruined it with a double in the sixth inning
  • Matthew Boyd had almost a perfect game on September 20 until Carlos Santana ruined it in the fifth inning of a single
  • Isaac Paredes scored a Grand Slam as his first major league home run
  • Miguel Cabrera had his 2,000 on August 30th. Hit
  • The Tigers hit four homers in their first inning against the Pirates on August 8th
  • Their franchise record of 20 losses to Cleveland was broken when they won 5-10 on August 21

2021 Managing Director: AJ Hinch

This is AJ Hinch’s first job after suspension for this minor breach of massive cheating with the Houston Astros. The tigers stay with him for three years, rain or shine, but since the tigers are used to mediocrity, the expectations of Hinch are not exactly high. Five years before Hinch got the job in Houston, Hinch ran the Diamondbacks for two years before being unceremoniously fired with a record of 89-123. Hinch’s overall record in Houston was 481-329, but any good will or good work he’s done is overshadowed by the whole sign theft chore. And the tricky attempt to claim that he has no power and cannot stop it.

It’s not good for him right now if the tigers are still in the basement of AL Central. So far, the highlight of Hinch’s season has been the standing ovation he received when the team traveled to Houston. He managed to beat his old team 6-2 in the opener (after being honored by the Astros on video).

I think he kind of apologized for cheating, so whatever.

2021 so far

The tigers sit at the bottom of the AL Central. They have Nomar Mazara too. Do i have to say more?

Serial Matchup: Two Righties and One Lefty

today will be Jose Urena against Lucas Giolito. Giolito was originally set for Sunday but was bumped into trying to open a glass water bottle a few days after cutting off his middle finger because he thought it was a twist (was there, to be honest). He’s set a 1-1 record this season and an ERA of 5.79 with 26 spikes. Urena is 0-3 with an ERA of 4.57 but has recently thrown strikes and induced grounders (having run over 7 2⁄3s in his first two starts of the season nine).

Wednesday will be Casey Mize against Carlos Rodón. This is Mize’s third career start against the White Sox (also happens to be the team he debuted against). The first two times the White Sox competed against him, Mize hit 12 batters over 9 2⁄3 innings. In 2021, Mize is a 2-1 record with an ERA of 5.23 and 14 deflections, which could be due to the regular fights young pitchers face when they first appear in the league. Rodón has been absent for a week now. His last two starts against Cleveland included a no-hitter and a win, which gave him a 3-0 record and a 0.47 ERA with 24 strokes.

in the Thursday Finale Matthew Boyd meets Dylan Cease. Cease looked shaky on his four starts this season and definitely had no confidence. He has not completed five innings in any start, most recently 3 1⁄3 against the Rangers. Cease has a 0-0 record and 4.15 ERA but is 5-0 against Detroit in his career. This could be the confidence boost Cease needs to get back on track. Boyd is 2-2 this season with 1.82 ERA and 22 deflections. White Sox fans may remember Boyd as the pitcher the White Sox hit with consecutive homers last August to start two consecutive starts (Tim Anderson leads both times). So for Detroit’s de facto ace, it could quickly crash.

Why does everyone hate the tigers?

Well, there are many reasons including Justin Verlander, Cabrera, and the big brawl of 2000.

I mean … it’s Detroit. Red wings, pistons, tigers. No matter. We hate her!

– Soxsupporter (@ Soxsupporter1) April 25, 2021

Besides being obliged to hate Detroit as a division rival and a Chicago sports fan … I honestly got nothing.

– Bill Koester (@ Billy_dk_89) April 25, 2021

They brought in the wall in Comerica, it was better before

– Hervey “Mark Mollineaux” Okkles (@bufordsharkley) April 25, 2021

Miguel Cabrera & Justin Verlander, to name just a few reasons. A team that I like to hate, but don’t really hate, that I hate a lot, but not really. At least they’re not the twins, Indians, or royals … but I kind of hate them. But man, are they good sometimes, idiots.

– * AVAILABLE FOR CORPORATE SPONSORSHIP * (@FlatleyPatrick) April 25, 2021

Hate is such a strong word. I’ve had a touching dislike for her since the brawl in 2000

– El Traficanté (@SpawnofSosa) April 26, 2021

One of my good friends is from the Detroit area so I’ve been to more White Sox / Tigers games than I can count and the Sox all seem to be losing. Damn it. Time. It feels like I’ve seen 20 Tigers wins before I’ve seen a Sox win.

– Millennial Sox Fan (@MillennialSox) April 25, 2021

That brawl in 2000. Detroit threw more cheap shots and jerks than any other group I’ve ever seen. Just a garbage team.

– John Carney (@ JohnCarney3) April 25, 2021

I will never forgive the Tigers for stealing one of my all time favorite players, Chet Lemon, from the White Sox and only giving us Steve Kemp in return. The Disney baseball film ‘Tiger Town’ also traumatized my childhood when * SPOILER ALERT * my father died of a heart attack.

– pauleywannacracker (@ nocrackers30) April 25, 2021

Detroit and the twins were just dirty against the Sox in the 2000s. I’m glad you got the …

– Chef 50% vaccinated Eric (@superthisway) April 25, 2021

Prime Miguel Cabrera and Justin Verlander.

– Major BS @ (@ BenChiTownKid98) April 26, 2021

2012 season in general. Before last year it was the last time we had a real shot in the playoffs. Went to a game in Detroit where Porcello passed Sale. It sucks. I also hated the stadium.

– White Sox Always (@WhiteSoxAlways) April 26, 2021

Have you ever heard someone say they are vacationing in Detroit? I didn’t think so.

– Brian (@Spotted_Moo) April 26, 2021

Fuck the fool

– Southside Reezy (@WhiteSoxReese) April 25, 2021

Because Magglio. Because Kenny Rogers. Because of 2006. Because they’re the same fans who like the wings, lions, and pistons.

– AC Green (@ A_C_Green88) April 26, 2021

I’ve never seen a tiger in Detroit before.

Seems suspicious.

– PatfromtheBronx (@Patinthebronx) April 25, 2021


The fight of 2000 in all its glory:


Dusty Kennedy