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Kresge to make $8 million in grants to Detroit racial justice groups


Racial justice organizations in Detroit will receive a boost early next year with $ 8 million in new grants from the Kresge Foundation and several million more grants pending approval.

The first round grants will support 20 Detroit organizations working on frontline activism, strengthening the economy in colored neighborhoods, and / or supporting small businesses owned by colored people.

The funding is part of $ 30 million in new commitments by the Troy-based Foundation to support national racial rights groups and community-level efforts in Detroit, New Orleans, Memphis and Fresno.

National grant recipients, including Movement for Black Lives and the Black-Led Movement Fund, will receive approximately a quarter or $ 7 million to support their efforts to provide local organizations with resources for community organization, communications, leadership development, research as well State and state to provide change in federal policy.

The other three-quarters of the $ 23 million commitment will go to local racial justice organizations to strengthen their long-term capacities and create a network where they can share their efforts with each other and with national racial justice organizations. Most of that support will provide three years of operational support, Kresge said in a press release.

The local and national grants and social investments “are designed to ensure that racial justice activists and leaders have sufficient resources to make the lasting changes needed both nationally and in communities across the country,” said President and CEO Rip Rapson in the press release.

“The Black Lives Matter movement has made it clear that progress in our country requires clear recognition of the long-standing and ingrained barriers to full equality, justice and inclusion,” he said.

“But it also makes it clear that we must continue to move forward to dismantle and replace the insidious guidelines, practices, norms and attitudes that are anchored in virtually every facet of our society, our economy, our politics and our lives.” end systemic racism. Said Rapson.

The Detroit grants include:

  • $ 1.5 million for Detroit Future City, which founded the Center for Justice, Engagement and Research earlier this year to formalize its research on inclusive economic growth.
  • $ 1.25 million for the New Economy Initiative to network small businesses in key trade corridors, with a focus on small businesses owned by colored people.
  • US $ 1 million for the Michigan Justice Fund, a collaboration between local and national foundations to support community-led criminal justice reform
  • US $ 684,500 to the national Enterprise Community Partners to support approximately two dozen community development organizations in Detroit.
  • $ 500,000 to the Detroit Black Community Food Security Network in support of the proposed Detroit Food Commons, a planned North End complex that includes a co-operative grocery store, an incubator kitchen for culinary artists and food business owners, a coffee shop, and a community hangout .

Dusty Kennedy