Late slam by Akil Baddoo can’t rescue Detroit Tigers in drubbing by Minnesota Twins


Detroit – It was such a day for the Tigers on Monday, with utility player Harold Castro throwing the ninth inning. And it was one of the cleanest innings in the game.

“I told him it was the fastest inning of the game today,” said Wilson Ramos, who scored 215 pitches and 113 hits in the Tigers’ 6-15 loss to the Minnesota Twins. “We needed that. I was already tired. I needed the quick inning.”

Castro threw curveballs at a speed of 100 km / h and needed nine spaces to reach ninth place. But maybe the twins’ thugs were also tired by this point, having hit 14 hits and 11 runs.

BOX SCORE: Twins 15, Tigers 6

“The reality is we didn’t play very well,” said manager AJ Hinch. “I don’t think we got into the game very well. We didn’t play very well and they all used their chances to score.

“It was an ugly day. Conclusion.”

Tiger pitcher Jose Urena watches as Nelson Cruz of the Twins cross home plate in the second inning of his grand slam on Monday.

That was it, starting with a 52 minute rain delay.

Long-time archenemy Nelson Cruz came to the beat with the bases loaded in the second inning. He took first place in front of right-handed Jose Urena on the right field line. Although the ball appeared to have touched the foul bar, the reruns were inconclusive and the foul ball call persisted.

Unimpressed, Cruz put the next field for a Grand Slam in the bullpen of the Tigers in the left field.

Cruz eventually met two homers. His second, ahead of Buck Farmer in the fifth, was majestic. The ball exited his club at an exit speed of 116.6 mph and landed 418 feet on the second deck on the left. He has completed 25 home races in the regular season against the Tigers and 22 in the playoffs at Comerica Park.

“This is a good example of people who have wanted to be here for a long time,” said Ramos, who, at 33, is seven years younger than Cruz. “It shows that he works hard, he stays in shape. I like the way he works. I want to be like that. I want to play baseball until I’m 40.”

Days like this won’t help him get there.

Urena’s Detroit debut lasted three innings. Of the 81 pitches he threw, only 39 were strikes. He went four. And a trend started.

Detroit pitchers spent 11 walks. Six of them came over to score. Through six innings, three pitchers – Urena, Farmer and Derek Holland – threw 161 pitches, 81 strikes.

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“It’s hard to see how my boys throw like this today,” said Ramos. “It was a tough game for everyone, for all pitchers. Lots of mistakes and not that much control. It’s tough when we have a game like this, but we have to keep working and fighting.”

“It’s early in the season.”

Gregory Soto, finishing a goalless eighth place, threw his first pitch on the net behind home plate, 9 feet above the batsman’s head.

“It’s been a tough game for me, these long innings, and when he threw that first pitch I thought, ‘Oh my god, this is going to be another long inning,'” said Ramos. “But he came back to it and it was a quick inning.”

Ramos had a big day on his plate with a home run and a double. His homer with two outs in the fifth inning broke up a no-hit offer from Matt Shoemaker of Trenton and Eastern Michigan University.

In seven games against his hometown team, Shoemaker stands 5-1 with a 0.79 ERA. He has only allowed one run in 13 innings in two starts at Comerica.

“But I like what we did in ninth,” said Ramos of the Tigers’ five runs, highlighted by a grand slam from rule 5 newcomer Akil Baddoo. “We can run. We have a good line-up. That will give us good energy to come back tomorrow and show that we can play for nine innings.”

All five runs came after two failed. Victor Reyes, who came into the game sixth, started it off with a solo homer. Jonathan Schoop, Ramos and Niko Goodrum got in before Baddoo, who hit the slam at the exact spot (seats on the left field) where he did his first home run on Sunday.

“Hopefully the rally will give us something to go home with,” said Hinch. “It feels a lot better than any other part of the rest of the day. That was the highlight. I hope we can get the momentum out of it and take it into the future.”

It was a sudden implosion for the Tigers pitching staff. During the first 24 innings they had allowed six runs by the seventh inning on Sunday. All by starting pitchers. But in the last 12 innings they have been marked for 22 runs, 18 by the bullpen.

“After three innings, Urena had 80 pitches, so there was no balancing act, we had to go to the pen,” said Hinch. “They hope you can get through without exposing all of your guys. Unfortunately the game has gotten out of hand and we have had to put in a position player and that is never a good thing.

“Harold saved us an inning, but it’s not ideal.”

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