Live Large In Detroit With These 9 Places That Rent For More Than $2,000 A Month


One of the popular internet narratives is that of buying a $ 500 house in Detroit. But as always, there is always more than one story in a big city.

These rents are a lot more than $ 500. Much more than $ 500 a month, in fact. These luxurious Detroit spots (some smaller, others basically mansions) will set you back north of $ 2,000 a month. Of course, there is a multitude of rental apartments in the city – and there are still a lot of abandoned buildings. But we thought we’d take a quick look at what the high-end really looks like, and where it’s in Detroit – and they’re not all downtown and downtown.

1. Big Ol ‘Brush Park Place – $ 5,700 / month

323 Erskine. Photo via Zillow.

323 Erskine interiors, chic Detroit house

This one at 323 Erskine is mixed-use and has five bedrooms, 2.5 baths, two kitchens and four fireplaces (some of which are bricked up in the photos. You also get a whopping 15 parking spaces and you could drive on to the tigers or lions.

2. Live through Starbucks for $ 2,700 / month

Live above Starbucks in downtown Detroit3670 Woodward at Mack and Woodward

This one has city views and you might think you’re in Chicago or New York with Whole Foods across the parking lot and Starbucks downstairs and the Detroit Symphony Orchestra across the street. Two bedrooms and two baths are part of this 1,298 square foot unit. If you’re moving from New York to Detroit and just want to blend in with one city, this could be your ticket.

3. Live like a boss in the Diego Rivera building stayed in – $ 2,350 / month

Kirby Apartment Interior Detroit

Park Shelton in the old days. Park Shelton in the old days.

When Diego Rivera painted his giant mural at the Detroit Institute of Arts, this was a hotel at 15 E. Kirby and he stayed here. After all, it’s just across the street. This three bedroom, two bath space is over 1,500 square feet and looks like gas, electricity, and water are rolled in. You are above some cool places like the Peacock Room and a sushi shop. Honestly, out of this list, if you want to live big it could be a great deal.

4. If you’re interested in that new build feel – $ 2,495 / month

293 E. Palmer of Detroit293 E. Palmer of Detroit

New kitchen building

Three bedrooms, four bathrooms and your own balcony are part of this unit at 293 E. Palmer. If you’re looking for something newer amid a host of older things, this might be your ticket. There is a lot of talk in the listing about thick doors and walls, with the idea that it is actually quiet there.

5. All The Way Loft – $ 2,190

41 Burroughs Loft Detroit

41 Burrough outdoor lofts in Detroit

This is a great two bedroom place at 41 Burroughs in Midtown. It’s almost everything people stereotypically talk about in a loft. Exposed walls, large windows, open spaces. The exterior of the building is cute, the Wayne State Police Department headquarters is next door, and the washer and dryer are inside the unit. However, if you want parking, that’s $ 40 more.

6. Fully furnished above a wine bar – $ 2,295

The Ashley Bedroom Detroit

Interior of the Ashley Detroit

You won’t need more than the 700 square feet in this recently renovated place because you will basically be staying in the wine bar on the ground floor. This unit in The Ashley comes with all the furniture you need but not a ton of square feet. It falls under what is known as “corporate housing”. So the idea is that you live there while the boss picks it up on the company’s penny when you’re in town for a month or six doing a long term project. Or if you just want to toss cheddar in the air and you just don’t care.

7. West Village Townhome – $ 2,000

Great Detroit Rentals

8109 e lafayette detroit

If for some reason you need five bedrooms within walking distance of Craft Work and Red Hook Coffee this is your place. 8109 E. Lafayette is over 3,000 square feet according to the listing text, which should be enough to keep the posh night (remember, you are in one of the villages) going, or, conversely, a place that you can find a fairly large one Family can fit. Oh, what if you like tennis? The private courts are just around the corner. Find out more about West Village here.

8. A little sliver of suburbs – $ 4,500

Sand Bar Lane Detroit

This one looks right out of Troy or Clinton Township, but hey, if that’s your thing but in the middle of the D, this place on the east side is for you. It’s sure to be spacious with 5,005 square feet, five bedrooms, and four and a half bathrooms. A four-car garage and two-story large room await you at 147 Sand Bar Lane.

9. Live awesome in Arden Park – $ 3,500 / month

Arden Park Villa

Arden Park Detroit

Arden Park villa for rent

We may have saved the best for last. You check out this place and at a glance you know that with the decadence of DJ Khaled on Snapchat, you can keep up with this pace. This house from 1916 has it all on a whopping 8,000 square meters. Amazing appearance. Great. Eight bedrooms. It could serve as a family residence or office as listed, but we think the Italian-inspired 336 Arden Park is definitely for the next Detroit superstar.


Dusty Kennedy