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Metro Detroit resettlement agencies gear up in advance of refugee policy shift


He has secured a donated car and shelter for his family, immersed himself in the local community, and volunteered for Samaritas to help newer refugees with the initial relocation challenge, Dobner said.

Bungala video chats on WhatsApp with his wife and sons aged 6 and 11, but it’s not the same as having them here, he said in an email translated statement translated by his clerk.

News of US President Joe Biden’s plans to expand refugee resettlement in the US has given him hope that many overseas refugees will soon have the chance to reunite with their family members.

“I am eagerly waiting for my wife and children to come to see me here in the US,” said Bungala.

“I have a new job, a car and a home. I’m happy with my job. I work more hours and it’s not as stressful as my previous job. So I feel like I can support my family when we do.” reunite here one day. ”

It was difficult not to have his family here, Bungala said.

“I feel empty in my heart and sometimes even cry at work … I miss my family so much! ‘

“I’m just not complete and happy with life. My heart is empty until you arrive, but I’m hopeful.”

Many of the refugees Samaritas helped, like Bungala, have been separated from their families for three or more years, said Mihaela Mitrofan, who as director for New Americas oversees the resettlement program for Samaritas.

“We think his wife and children are vulnerable in a refugee camp where access to food, education and health care is very limited.”


Dusty Kennedy