Metro Detroit woman turns hobby into thriving business


At the Red Wings games, Monica Notaro’s talent was pretty obvious to the fans, but the local mom had another hidden talent that made her a booming business.

Notaro has played in front of an audience the whole life of her 4-year-old daughter Mila.

“I think she’s been to pretty much every single game I’ve sung,” she said.

Notaro is a chemist, singer and single mother. A few years ago, busy friends and neighbors who didn’t want to cook alone asked her to prepare meals for them.

“I put them in glass containers and set them down, and it was just something, to be honest, it was therapeutic to me. I’ve been through a lot, ”she said.

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As the news spread, Notaro received further inquiries.

“I didn’t even really charge them anything. I literally only billed them for groceries, ”she said.


What started with three people working together in their kitchen grew practically overnight.

“My daughter somehow experienced it with me … It was very convenient for her and it was a special time we had to spend together,” she said.

In early 2019, Notaro founded Urth – a food delivery company based on their popular vegan and vegetarian recipes.

And in two years business developed.

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“We start cooking on Sunday morning and we basically cook on Monday evening and our deliveries start on Tuesday morning at 6am. So that’s kind of a window for cooking and keeping everything completely fresh,” said Notaro.


Notaro said she tries every day to set a good example for her daughter because she knows she is watching, as well as others who look up to her for advice.

“I firmly believe that if you have a passion for something, you can turn it into either a company or something that is successful, regardless of what it is. When you have a passion for something, the limits are endless. I really think so, ”she said.

Notaro said her next big goal is to open a store for her business.


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