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Michigan Pizzeria Owner Fights To Reopen Restaurant After Being Arrested For Allegedly Violating COVID-19 Regulations – CBS Detroit


The owner of a Michigan pizza place was arrested for repeatedly violating COVID-19 regulations.

She is also accused of violating food service laws.

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This business owner appeared in court on Tuesday trying to get one step closer to getting permission to reopen her restaurant.

Marlena Pavlos-Hackney is now moving to the Ingham County Court for a new hearing, asking for more time to prepare.

The Dutch business owner is also seeking a refund of fines of $ 15,000 for the judge to nullify a contempt for the court ruling and the possibility of reopening.

In January, MDHHS suspended the food license for Marlena’s Pizzeria, citing non-compliance with mask, social and capacity restrictions.

Court records said the store stayed open for nearly two months, serving customers without a license after an Ingham County judge issued an injunction.

In March, after four nights in prison, Pavlos-Hacnkey went free after closing her restaurant and imposing a contempt for the fine.

The judge quickly adjourned the hearing and discussed only one motion.

Pavlos-Hackney’s attorney argued that he found 40 errors in minutes of a March 19 hearing.

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“What kind of corrections are we talking about, are we talking about misspellings, are we talking about content issues, or what are they? You have to tell me what they are,” said Judge Wanda Stokes.

“You want me to go over every one of them?” said Pavlos-Hackney’s attorney Robert Baker.

“Your application should include that,” said Stokes.

Baker said he filed the application before receiving the amended protocol.

“I’m not going to sit here and bother about it, you know, in general we are talking about a court reporter who is very experienced and I was told there were probably three mistakes and now you’re talking about 40 changes and I want to know what they are and whether or not they are content, ”said Stokes.

Stokes is giving Marlena and her lawyer more time to review the amended protocol and delivering alleged errors, arguing the requests are premature without being complete.

The restaurant owner has 10 days to review the log.

Your pizzeria will remain closed for the time being.

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