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New Nazareth-area pub bringing Detroit-style pizza to Lehigh Valley


Two brothers and a couple of friends have high expectations of a new restaurant.

The GOAT Pub and Pie is due to open on April 26th at 700 Main St. in Stockertown. This is where the former Devery’s Pub and Grill is located, which closed last year.

Owners Sam Ashton and John Quayle have teamed up with brothers Matthew Cosover and Tim Cosover. And they set their expectations high by naming their new restaurant with the acronym “The Greatest Ever”.

Ashton and the Cosover brothers had worked as bartenders at Rip Van Winkles Pub in Bar-Don Lanes in Palmer Township. Ashton said the pandemic left them unemployed and they decided to open their own space to later bring in Quayle as a co-owner.

“We were closed when the pandemic hit,” Ashton said. “Days became weeks, months became months without a bartender.”

The restaurant’s menu focuses on Detroit style pizza, which can be described as something between a Sicilian pizza and a pan pizza. The cheese is spread to the crust and runs down the sides of the pizza in the pan, giving it a crispy, cheesy edge, Ashton said.

Food other than pizza is offered along with 20 bottled beers, 12 draft beer taps, wine and various cocktails.

“Our idea is to serve simple pub food on a slightly elevated and elevated level,” said Ashton, “with freshly made sauces and freshly made dressings.”

The group has been doing cosmetic renovations in the pub for the past few months.

“People will be surprised when they’re used to coming to Devery,” said Ashton.

Ashton said the owners are ready to deal with ongoing capacity constraints related to pandemics in Pennsylvania. Once the restrictions are lifted, the pub will have a stage area where live bands will perform, he said.

John Best is a freelance contributor to Find on Facebook.


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