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Owner of Detroit’s 44 Burrito shares story of how popular business got its start


DETROIT – The company 44 Burrito is a family run restaurant. Their goal is to satisfy delicious taste buds and offer freshly prepared meals instead of fast food.

Tara Young, the owner of 44 Burrito, was a social worker in school districts and hospitals in Metro Detroit for years. Then she decided to put more on her plate.

“We are the home of the deep-fried burrito, fried and satisfied on our shirts,” said Tara Young.

She loves cooking at home at 44 Burrito in Detroit or on the street in his food truck.

“Ninety-nine percent I’m a chef, it’s my passion,” she added.

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And there are generations in the making.


“My great-grandmother, grandmother, and my mother were my mentors. They loved cooking, it brought our family together, the soul brought love, ”she said.

In 2013, the entrepreneur and boyfriend Antonio McKelton opened 44 Burrito. Tragically, he died in an accident the following year. However, she was determined to make her dream come true.

In 2018 she got a food truck.

While her business has been badly hit by the pandemic, she can see a silver lining.

“One thing I was grateful for was being a frontline worker and then feeding other frontline workers,” she said.

Her 14-year-old daughter Leah Young wants to follow in her mother’s footsteps.

“When I see her doing things, she teaches me and helps me in my future as I own different businesses,” she said.

Detroit Black Restaurant Week celebrates and profile entrepreneurs like this one.


“I think it’s a great idea because American business can survive but small businesses can’t,” said the business owner.

And she enjoys being in the spotlight.

“Look at sloppy chops, Spud Headz, it’s endless. Check them all out, ”she added.

“Like all restaurant owners, she is desperate to hire people. If you want to work as a chef, cashier, or manager, you can visit 44 Burrito website by clicking here.

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