Penei Sewell Followed Detroit Lions During Childhood


It’s always nice to discover that a team’s potential draft goal is actually a fan of the organization.

Penei Sewell stated in a recent interview that he grew up a huge fan and followed the Detroit Lions.

Like many others, Sewell grew up competing with his siblings when they played video games.

Instead of opting for elite teams, the potential top 10 selection in this year’s draft gladly used outsiders to compete.

“A couple. What caught my eye was the Lions. I was a huge Calvin Johnson fan,” Sewell said. “I loved watching him go up to get the ball. Also, the return they had back then was Jahvid Best. I would only use them in Madden. My brother and I would do tournaments. I loved it to use the underdogs. At the time you had these two and I would only use them against my older brother or little brother. “


Dusty Kennedy