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Pizza Hut’s new ‘Detroit-style’ pizza has some Americans confused


Pizza Hut’s new rectangular deep dish cake has put Detroit-style pizza in the national spotlight.

The latest version of the Kansas-based chain’s Italian staples is based on a recipe that originated shortly after World War II at Buddy’s Rendezvous – now Buddy’s pizza chain – in Detroit.

The cakes are baked in a rectangular or round pan and coated with Wisconsin cheese. Red sauce and toppings are added last.

For many Americans, the Pizza Hut rollout was the first introduction to the Motor City variant of food more commonly associated with New York and Chicago.

“Welcome to your first learning about Detroit-style pizza,” tweeted Phillip Lewis.

“Moving over New York and Chicago, Detroit Pizza has its moment in the spotlight,” @AmericanDairyNE tweeted.

The Pizza Hut box contains a diagram of the cake with an explanation of what exactly Detroit-style pizza is.

While New York is famous for its thin-crust cakes cut into wide triangular pieces, it is home to several restaurants serving Detroit-style pizza, including the popular Emmy Squared and Lions & Tigers & Squares in Chelsea.

Those who are fans of the style were happy to see it received the recognition they long believed deserved.

“Detroit-style pizza is 1000% superior to any other iteration and that’s non-negotiable,” wrote Brett Merriman on Twitter.