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Police Seek Driver Who Hit, Killed Black Bear – CW50 Detroit


GENESEE COUNTY, Michigan (WNEM) Police are looking for the driver who crashed his vehicle into a black bear and killed the animal on I-75 in Genesee County on Monday.

It sure is not every day that you see a bear roaming the neighborhoods of Flint and people who live nearby are shocked.

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“I think it’s really, really sad that a black bear was so far south,” said Gidget Konieczka

Konieczka is an independent Herbal Life distributor and wellness coach at Simply Nutrition on Buche Road in Genesee County. It’s just a stone’s throw from where a black bear died early Monday morning on I-75.

“I wonder why it was here, you know?” Konieczka said.

Holly Vaughn is spokesperson for the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. Vaughn says rare black bear sightings are not uncommon in Genesee County.

“That particular bear was most likely a young man out of his reach who was just looking around,” Vaugn said.

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Vaughn tells us that the last black bear sighting in the area was four years ago. Now the DNR will analyze the deceased bear to get some answers.

“We know for sure that it was hit by a car, right? But was there anything else wrong with this bear? You will also pull a tooth and get an approximate age for the bear. That will help us understand a little more about what it’s been doing in that part of the world. “

Vaughn said there might be other bears here.

“Bring your bird feeders. Bring your trash cans, anything that would be really attractive to a bear, even pet food, ”she said.

Konieczka tells me that this incident gives her something else to think about when she takes to the streets.

“Aside from deer, dogs or other animals that come out of people’s yards, there are other things that still exist in the area,” she said.

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