Pophouse, Acoufelt Introduce Sound Management Panels Inspired by Detroit Architecture


Pophouse and Acoufelt introduced the 1912 QuietPrint acoustic panels, printed with designs inspired by Detroit architecture. The Louis pattern pictured was inspired by the Fisher Building. // Photo courtesy of Acoufelt

Detroit-based Pophouse and Acoufelt, headquartered in Australia with North American headquarters in Clawson, have partnered to launch a collection of QuietPrint acoustic panels, entitled 1912.

The companies will use Acoufelt’s acoustic know-how and Pophouse’s design. Terms of the contract were not disclosed. Acoufelt offers well-founded management solutions for work, study and living spaces.

Pophouse created a collection of five classically-inspired patterns that draw inspiration from hand-painted textures, exploration of shape and shape, and Detroit’s cultural and architectural landscape. Each pattern is available in four colors.

The linework and pattern of the collection draw on Detroit’s legacy of Art Deco architecture to create pattern vignettes. Hand-painted work by the pophouse design team was digitally integrated into the patterns, creating a marbled texture.

“This partnership is important because acoustics are a critical design element in creating comfortable shared spaces – for the productivity and the mental and physical well-being of residents,” said Jennifer Janus, President of Pophouse. “By improving the design of these acoustic products, we can bring form and function together to create an environment that looks as good as it works.”

Each design in the collection was named after the architects and designers who were instrumental in the planning and construction of the Detroit buildings.

“We are impressed and excited about the passion, knowledge and design vision that Jennifer and her design team have shown at Pophouse,” said Ben Grace, Founder and CEO of Acoufelt. “Correct sound management in the built environment increases the ability to understand, communicate and concentrate. Acoufelt makes this contribution through high-quality materials and outstanding design. “

Pophouse specializes in interior, industrial and environmental graphic design. It was founded in 2013 and offers design projects such as surfaces, floor plans, custom furniture, branding, wayfinding, signage and artwork. His clients include General Motors Co., the Rocket Family of Cos. And Delta Air Lines.

Acoufelt uses physics, materials science and art to control the flow of sound through rooms and buildings.


Dusty Kennedy