Quarterback Jared Goff discusses trade to Detroit Lions


The deal won’t close until mid-March, the start of the NFL’s new league year, but everyone knows Matthew Stafford is heading to Los Angeles and Jared Goff is coming back from the Rams to take over Stafford’s place as quarterback for the Detroit Lions.

But until it becomes official, neither organization is allowed to confirm that it is happening, at least on file.

Quarterback Jared Goff led the Los Angeles Rams to three playoff appearances.

However, this does not prohibit the players involved in the transaction from talking. And while requests for comment from Stafford’s camp have so far been met with silence, Goff has shared his initial thoughts, first with a few brief comments on, followed by an in-depth interview with the Los Angeles Times published Tuesday night.

Goff, who drafted the Rams’ overall # 1 in 2016 and led the franchise to three playoff berths in the past four seasons, including a Super Bowl appearance in 2019, put the Times on the swift breakup of the relationship with the single franchise he is known throughout his professional career.

“Ultimately, they wanted to go in a different direction,” Goff told the Los Angeles Times. “As a quarterback, as the guy who is arguably the most important position on the field when you are in a place you don’t want and who wants to get away from you, the feeling is mutual.

“You don’t want to be in the wrong place. It was becoming increasingly clear that this was the case. I hope (the trade) will be as good for my career. “

Understandably, Goff was initially disappointed with the news. It never feels good to know that you are not wanted. But when he considered the flip side of the news that the Lions were dying to get him on board, the quarterback’s perspective changed.

Talking to several members of the Detroit organization, including trainer Dan Campbell and general manager Brad Holmes, who played a major role in Rams’ selection of Goff while serving as the franchise’s college scouting director, reinvigorated the quarterback .

After those conversations, Goff told the Times, “Oh my god, that’s what it’s supposed to feel like. It makes me feel great.” How excited they were, how excited they were.

“… As the time has passed in the last few days and even at the end of this night, it will be positive and you will feel really good again. You are starting to feel, I don’t want to say that relief is the word, but you feel happy, grateful and ready for a new opportunity. That is the greatest feeling that has overwhelmed me that night and even the days that followed. “

Goff told the Times that he was still unclear when the tide turned on him in Los Angeles, and while he remains hopeful of glimpsing the team’s brass, he understands that he may never get that information becomes.

Despite the breakup, particularly with Ram’s coach Sean McVay, who seems to be slowly addressing Goff with his public comments towards the end of last season, there is no hostility from the latter.

“Regardless of how it ended, I and Sean had a great relationship and did so many great things together,” Goff told the Times. “I’ve won a couple of big games. Won a number of playoff games. Won two divisions together. So much success on the offensive, so many good times and memories. … Unfortunately it ended up sour, but it still doesn’t take away all of the times we had. “

What comes next for Goff is an opportunity to prove those who didn’t believe in him. After two underperforming years, he will head to Detroit to resume his early career when he scored a passerby rating of over 100 in the 2017 and 2018 seasons while receiving a pair of Pro Bowl nods.

“I’m not going to sit here and beat my own drum, but I take great pride in being resilient to have that as part of my makeup,” Goff told the Times. “We’ve had so many great times here, and then there were times when I had to dig deep, be a man and get things right. I think I did that.”

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