Quarterback Jared Goff not looking at Detroit Lions as a rebuild


Jared Goff’s induction press conference as a Detroit Lions member was everything you expected. There was a smile and a superlative that went with a boast spliced ​​with sincerity.

There have also been rejections from popular narratives, including the idea that Goff needs to be fixed or that Lions do a full rebuild. In the meantime, the questions of whether he is seen as the quarterback position as the franchise’s long term solution will continue beyond today.

What has been made very clear is that the Lions wholeheartedly believe that Goff is the right man to be their contemporary quarterback who can lead a cultural overhaul in the post-Matthew Stafford era.

“We were so excited to get this done because this player is really all we’re looking for from that point of view,” said coach Dan Campbell. “There are so many different ways to define ‘grit’ but I would say that – physical grit is one thing and you need people and players with it, but you will never have physical grit without mental grit, and that’s it what this player is doing I’ll announce in a moment, OK?

“This guy, I think about three things with Jared Goff: he’s tough, he’s durable, and most importantly, a winner,” said Campbell. “He won that league, he knows how to win, and I told him so, and I’ll keep telling him – all we need from him is come in and play quarterback. You just play quarterback You don’t have to be a savior here, you just have to be the quarterback. His job is to make the right decisions, to put the ball in the hands of the receivers and give them a chance to make a game. “

For the most part, Goff looks cool in California, but in the 20+ minutes he spent answering questions from reporters, he struggled to connect with his new fan base, historically distilled as a hard and blue collar.

Unlike Stafford, he confidently vouched for his own tenacity and quickly switched off the idea that this organization would travel through some deep valleys before being lucky enough to see peaks.

“It’s not a remodel at all, to be honest,” said Goff. “I know you’re going to toss that word around. I don’t see it that way at all. I think it takes the right parts to win, but it can happen in an off-season. It’s going to be very hard work and that’s the challenge I’m looking forward to the most – is the challenge of bringing this team and this city back to what it should be.

“I know it won’t happen overnight,” said Goff. “I know it won’t happen in a week. It won’t happen in a month, but it can happen very quickly. It’s the right people. They are doing it right and I think from everything I’ve heard about ( Owner) Sheila (Ford Hamp) and everything she’s done since taking over in May has been really special so far. “

Holmes’ first move, though it only became official this week, was to land Goff. And when you look at the full deal on the Los Angeles Rams that Stafford sent west against not just Goff but three draft picks, including a pair of top class ones, it’s easy to see the incoming quarterback as one Throw-in in contrast to the presented piece.

Despite two Pro Bowl selections and a Super Bowl appearance on Goff’s résumé, the Rams saw significant improvement in Stafford – a nearly seven-year-old quarterback with a growing list of injury concerns. Otherwise you won’t pay this price.

And there’s little doubt that Goff’s production has faltered in the past two years, which is being hurt by his ball safety. He has triggered 29 interceptions in the past two seasons.

But Holmes, who played a pivotal role in scouting Goff as Rams College scouting director before the franchise picked him # 1 overall in 2016, doesn’t see a player in need of repair.

“Well, you know, I’m not sure I’m following where he actually dropped off,” said Holmes. “… Again he won a lot of games during his tenure with the Rams so Jared just has to be Jared. The talent and the poor talent and everything is easy to see. The tenacity is what is extremely impressive.

“… I’m not sure he’s coming back, but we’re going to make sure he’s surrounded by the right parts, the right structure,” continued Holmes. “We have a phenomenal team of coaches so we have no doubt that he can still be the winner that he has already proven to go into the future.”

That was always the Lions problem with Stafford, an inability to surround him with the right pieces during his 12 years in the franchise. But Holmes and Campbell are not responsible for past failures, only for what happens from that point on.

And with the way the brass rave about their new caller, there’s reason to believe Goff might be here for a while, though no one was ready to say so clearly.

Goff admitted he had discussions with Holmes about what the team will do with their selection in the first round in April, including whether there was a quarterback in play with that selection.

In addition, Holmes declined to say whether a contract reorganization was planned. This would at the same time make room to meet immediate needs and win Goff as quarterback beyond this season.

Right now everyone would prefer to focus on the present.

“I expect Jared to come in and become our starting quarterback,” said Holmes. “I don’t see anything other than that. In terms of where we are at seven total, with the draft, and in terms of the quarterback position – like I told you, and the position hasn’t changed when you ‘if you Going back to the top 10, you will not be able to ignore positions, you just are not.

“The quarterback position is very important and when the value is there and the right one is there it will be heavily considered. This doesn’t change what we talked about earlier in relation to the draft. But we expect that Jared comes in and compete to be a starter. “

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