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Reroofing over an existing shingle roof: Some important facts



Roof re-roofing vs. roof replacement: What’s the difference?

The process of laying a new roof over an existing one is referred to as the process of reroofing. This is the act of putting a new roof on top of the existing one. It is the process of adding a new layer to the roof without tearing down the existing one.


The process of installing an entirely new roof that involves tearing off the old one is called roofing replacement. Toronto roofers will remove everything including the roof deck, and then replace it with a new one. They will then install the new roof shingles and then put on an underlay such as Armourbase Pro Plus.

What is the most appropriate time to replace the shingles of an old roof?

When you need a roof enhancement or your roof begins to fail, yet the structures and deck remain in good condition then re-roofing could be the best choice. This means that the roofing shingles are losing granules, and deteriorating because of the weather or age, but they’re not leaking, curly, or missing. These conditions make it possible to apply a fresh roofing layer on top of the one you have.


If you’re looking for an easy fix, the possibility of re-roofing could be a good one. It is possible to alter the design or color of your roof to make your home appear more attractive if you’re renovating. Installing a new layer of shingles will give your roof depth, and may even create a 3-dimensional look.


Cost-wise roofing is definitely less costly than a total roof replacement. The reason behind this is that the current roof shingles and structures underneath don’t need to be removed. In the end, there is much less work and time required, resulting in lower prices. The roofing contractor can start with the installation of new roof shingles immediately, without having to waste time in removing and disposing of the old ones. And, without a tear, there is no environmental impact, which is an important concern for us all!

Is it ever a good idea to re-roof your house?

Following their roof inspection, a professional roofer will visit you with his report or recommendations, explaining why your roof is or is not suitable for re-roofing. Request estimates from various contractors to ensure you are doing the right thing. That way you’ll be able to select the best roofing company for your needs.


One of the biggest and most important reasons why a roof isn’t suited to be re-roofed is the tendency of shingles to curl because you can only apply a new layer of shingles when the roof is flat and level. Another factor could be the existence of deterioration to the wooden structure beneath, like degeneration or sagging.

These are some things to think about before making an important decision.

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