Sharon McPhail considers bid for 2021 race for Detroit mayor


Detroit – Former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick’s top attorney in the government is considering another bid for Detroit’s top office.

Sharon McPhail, a former Detroit City Council member and former candidate for Detroit Mayor, confirmed to The Detroit News that she received petitions Thursday and intends to distribute them to collect signatures.

“I was asked to think about running. You can only walk if you petition them,” said McPhail. “I have to see if the Detroit people have had enough.”

McPhail said a committee was formed by the Detroiters United community organization to draw them for a run.

“Since Coleman Young left office, we’ve lost Belle Isle water division and gone bankrupt,” she added.

McPhail confirmed that just days after former Deputy Mayor of the Kilpatrick Administration Anthony Adams announced she was considering a campaign to take on incumbent Mayor Mike Duggan for a third term.

Reginald Amos, a retired assistant fire chief, said he has been disappointed with every mayor since Coleman A. Young left office.

“Every mayor who thereafter wronged the city and the citizens and knew Sharon McPhail, her intellect and what she has done for the city and the people over the years, believed that she would be the best candidate in 2021 for the Mayor of Detroit, “said Amos, president of Detroiters United, which was founded as an LLC in 2019.

He said the group of affected citizens had come together due to a variety of challenges the city is facing.

“I’ve worked for six mayors in my 37.5-year career and every mayor after Coleman Young has failed,” said Amos. “They missed the boat, they really didn’t know what was going on and didn’t take the time to learn.”

McPhail ran against Kilpatrick in 2004, lost, and later became Kilpatrick’s General Counsel and Proxy.

She left Detroit in 2009. She served on the city council from 2002 to late 2005.

McPhail hit the headlines in 2003 when she accused Kilpatrick of tampering with her electric chair massager in order to shock her.

McPhail was fired from a Detroit charter school in 2018. On the same day, the school’s author appointed a restorer to bring the school into line with state law. The Charter School Office of Bay Mills Community College announced at the time that her appointment was not being accredited as superintendent.

During her tenure as headmistress, McPhail said she had dramatically improved results and graduation rates. She claims the dismissal measures were not lawful.

McPhail said she was asked by many people, including her friend, the late Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon, to rate a run for Detroit Mayor in 2021. Napoleon died in December.

“We had a long talk about it before he left,” she said. “I think of him every day.”

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