Should Detroit Lions Trade Matthew Stafford for Deshaun Watson


The Houston Texans are in the middle of a major PR crisis.

As a result of the organization’s recent actions, franchise quarterback Deshaun Watson was frustrated and disenfranchised.

Per Sports Illustrated: “Watson met with (Texans Robert) McNair several times before the end of the season, according to a source near the QB. They huddled together almost every week. He’s asked the owner to bring in the chief’s offensive coordinator, Eric Bieniemy After hearing directly from Patrick Mahomes how Bieniemy helped steer the Chiefs QB onto a career path in the Hall of Fame, the last meeting was towards the end of the season, before Watson broke up In answering a question about Bieniemy as As a trainer, he said, “We just need a whole culture shift … we need a leader so that we can follow that leader … too many different ideas and too many People who think they have that power, and it’s not like that. ‘”


Houston has reportedly not yet considered Watson’s ideas.

As a result, Texans could be forced to trade their franchise quarterback.

Detroit News columnist Bob Wojnowski offered a trading scenario that new general manager Brad Holmes could put together for the talented quarterback.

“Texans are so confused they may be forced to trade with Deshaun Watson. This is where new Lions GM Brad Holmes shows his aggressiveness. What about: Stafford, # 7 overall, first for next year “Second next year for Watson. I would do it. Would you?” Asked Wojnowski on Sunday.

While it’s worth the offer, it’s uncertain whether it would be enough to force Texans to trade.

Early signs suggest that Houston-based Watson would need multiple picks on the first round.

Stafford will begin its 13th season in the league in 2021.

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