Slum Village lyricist Elzhi drops “Detroit State of Mind”


Detroit MC Elzhi is the latest rapper to delve into what British rag The Guardian calls the “totem” of hip-hop – Nas’s Illmatic. The iconic 1994 album, released when the young Nasir Jones was only 20 years old, is consistently considered one of the top rap albums of all time. Elzhi’s mixtape interpretation falls on May 10th and Elmatic Already getting tons of buzz from hip hop heads in 313 and around the world.


The former Slum Village lyricist, who puts a witty play on words and a fast flow over classic tracks, resurrects the spirit of his source material and rises above pure hip-hop karaoke. To quote Nasir Jones himself, it’s not difficult to say why today’s rappers are paying tribute to his debut album.

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Dusty Kennedy