So The New York Times Says You Should Visit Detroit. Here Are The 52 Places To Go


We were just as excited about the New York Times that Detroit was ninth out of 52 spots in 2017.

They highlight some of the things that are known to us locally. That the DIA is amazing and highlights it with its photo; that the Q-LINE is coming; that the Detroit Pistons are moving downtown.

Detroit has received increasing national attention lately, particularly from the travel press. But our trade fair city has many places to offer. Where should you go when you first come into town? We asked our writers and friends of the site to weigh their old and new suggestions. We came up with the 52 places to go in Detroit in 2017.

Professional travel tip? Make sure you have your Uber app on hand when you don’t have a car. Says a friend who moved here from the east coast, “Detroit has everything any other city has and more. You just can’t get there by train. “He’s right, even after the Q-LINE was opened.

The fisherman’s building on the third floor

(1) Fisherman building

It is an Art Deco masterpiece with more than 40 types of marble. It’s a reminder of what Detroit used to be – a hub of fashion and culture that many say once rivaled NYC. And it will be like that again. – Nuri from IT in the selection of the D.

Spring bowling

There’s something about the game that I can’t shake off. It has a bit of an international torch with the Belgian roots on (2) Cadieux Cafe. – Dan’s choice

(3) The Raven Lounge

The Raven Lounge is a great stop for great music in the evening. The Detroit sound is alive and well in those four walls of Chene. Also take a look at (4) Baker’s Keyboard Lounge. -Doc

(5) The Masonic Temple

Slowly drive past the Masonic Temple on Temple Street. It is the largest Masonic Temple in the world with more than 1,000 rooms! If you can work it out on your schedule, tours are available. -Nuri

(6) East market

This is obvious, especially in warm weather. Three places open all year round to check out? The Detroit Mercantile Company (7) has an amazing amount of Detroit nostalgia and items related to history. Cutters Bar and Grill 8. Has an amazing burger. And Detroit City Distillery (9) makes great strides in the world. -Shianne’s top pick

Have a couple of coneys

If you’re new, have your American and / or Lafayette trying out checklist items done if you have to (my family has reunions in Lafayette, take this for what you want), then go to (10) . Properly place. It’s clutch too, because you could get a coney with a proper breakfast. There’s no shame in a breakfast coney. It’s right next to the absolutely beautiful (11) Holy Redeemer Churchwhere they are served daily when you feel like you need to speak to someone about your culinary sins. There are more coney spots than that are totally awesome, but this is a post about a trip. -Shianne

Trifecta in the city center

Cocktails inside Wright & Company in Detroit, Michigan

Dinner at (12) Wright & Company is, in a way, the epitome of Detroit fine dining. Why? Because yes, it’s amazing and nifty, but it’s also accessible. You can understand the ingredients, but the way they’re put together is going to blow your socks off. The facility is top notch.

(13) Queens is a newer entrant, and it doesn’t have a sign, but it has great cocktails, an art deco vibe that opens onto the street, and they’re good value.

(14) Cafe D’Mongos is the epitome of Detroit and a great way to have a night off. It’s one of those bars where magic happens. -Doc

Downtown bonus when it’s warm: (15) The belt

People just seem to love this alley when they see it. There are some bars – The Skip (16), Bert is on Broadway (17) and (18) Stand by – straight off the belt, and the art is fantastic. – Dan

Detroit Riverfront Riverwalk

Double bonus when it’s warm: The River course (19). It has only been called one of the best in the world.

Choose crazy nice meal: (20) Gray ghost. -Devon

Dive Bar Trifecta

We don’t pick favorites from our pubs, but if you have limited time these are the three to see on your first trip. (21) Nancy whiskey has a lot of charm, and it has the whole Phoenix Rise from the Ashes story that continued with a fire several years ago (note: Detroit’s motto). (22) Tom’s tavern has previously been highlighted for its rich history and wins a slot for its sloping floor and colorful owner.

Old Miami Backyard DetroitOld Miami backyard. Daily photo from Detroit.

The Old Miami (23) is the summer champion of Detroit bars with a magical outdoor area in the background. -Devon’s choice

Pizza Pick: There is a hot debate between (24) Buddy’s original location on Davison and (25) Loui in Hazel Park. Go where your Detroit friends you visit want to go. This debate is like the Hatfields and McCoys. Who knows which one is right. When you make Loui’s, get the antipasti salad too. -Shianne

Mediterranean Matchup: This is one you may need to go to the suburbs for. Al Ameer (26) got the James Beard Award and you should go but I’m going with (27) The pita. Dearborn is their main location for the full experience, but they also have a smaller location downtown. -Devon

Mexican: Taqueria El Ray (28) and (29) Loncheria El Parian. We have written about El Parian here before. Yes there is a place called Mexican Town and all of the restaurants are solid, but go beyond the safe limits of a combo plate. After all, you’re on the way. Could be The Steakhouse (30), now that we think about it?

Absinthe at Two James

(31) Corktown

Just go. It is fun. There are lots of cool places out there that have been amply covered. You don’t have to leave a few block strips along Michigan to reach a number of locations. (32) Slowly, (33) Sugar house(34) Gold cash gold(35) Mercury(36) Two James, (37) Motor City Wine(38) There is(39) The Gaelic League, (40) Eighth street(41) Katoi (one of the best new restaurants in America), (42) Brooklyn Street Local… And we could go on with retail. But please don’t be that type of guy and limit your Detroit experience to the one neighborhood that all outside-of-town writers seem to go to, unless you’re really short on time.

That is, the Anzac biscuits and their egg sandwiches at (43) Astro coffee are the best.

The view of Detroit's east side from Belle Isle.  (c) Daily Detroit File PhotoThe view of Detroit’s east side from Belle Isle. (c) Daily Detroit File Photo

(44) Belle Isle

Best experienced in summer, there is too much cool stuff to count. The (45) Scott Wells is cute in the season. If it’s winter or raining, check out the (46) Whitcomb Conservatorywho have favourited (47) Aquarium or the (48) Dossin Great Lakes Museum and jump on the bridge of a freighter.

See the (49) Guardian building – It’s really crazy beautiful. Take a walk around (50) Greektown. Monroe has been very commercialized these days and is Detroit’s version of Bourbon Street. So it is what it is, but it’s worth it. Treat yourself to one of Detroit’s finest sweet treats. (51) Well well well Chocolate in the Dime Building and we end our adventure (52) in Mars field in the heart of everything.

What did we miss What would you trade in for a trip to Detroit? Shout at us in the comments.


Dusty Kennedy