State troopers looking for police impersonator in Detroit


Michigan State Police are looking for a man who allegedly posed as police over the weekend.

Police said they had received reports of a man in an unmarked car who identified himself as a soldier and made traffic stops in the I-96 and Davison area of ​​Detroit at around 7:30 p.m. on Saturday.

The man was wearing a black uniform and was driving a black Dodge Charger with red and blue lights, police said.

“The (Michigan State Police) don’t use unmarked cars to make traffic stops. We use patrol cars that either have a red overhead light or are blue with no overhead light,” the state police wrote in a Twitter post.

Police advise those who are unsure about being stopped by an unmarked vehicle to slow down, turn on the hazard lights, drive into a public area and call 911 so a dispatcher can verify the officer’s identity.


Dusty Kennedy