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Stateside: How COVID changed school; Detroit’s Chef of the Year; first Black theatre in Grand Rapids


Stateside for Friday, March 19, 2021

Today, stateside education systems had to redefine learning in K-12 schools during the pandemic. Have these systems adapted to the occasion? We also meet a chef in Detroit who retooled himself by organizing restaurateurs to fill food security gaps.

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The pandemic has turned K-12 education on its head. Some teachers warn against a return to “normal”.

Stateside’s conversation with Matinga Ragatz and Jessyca Matthews

  • Matinga Ragatz is an education advisor and a frequent guest on Stateside.
  • Jessyca Matthews is a high school teacher in Flint.

Detroit Free Press “Chef of the Year” helped fill gaps in food systems during the pandemic

Stateside’s conversation with Chef Phil Jones

  • Chef Phil Jones is the Detroit Free Press Chef of the Year 2021. He is a longtime chef who has run major Detroit kitchens and founded the Detroit Food Policy Council to address regional food insecurity.

How the founder of Ebony Players discovered her love for theater in Grand Rapids

Stateside’s conversation with Edye Evans-Hyde

  • Edye Evans-Hyde is the Executive Director and Founder of Grand Rapids’ Ebony Road Players.
  • The Creating Connection series was produced by Elizabeth Meister and Dan Collison at Long Haul Productions and funded by the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs.

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