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Mortgage Wars: United Wholesale Mortgage, based in Pontiac, drew a line in the sand with independent mortgage brokers, saying it wouldn’t work with those who also work with Dan Gilbert’s rival Rocket Companies Inc. Here’s the story … and how it works.

Concerns about a COVID relapse: Relaxation restrictions and feelings of being out of the woods mix with contagious COVID variants to increase coronavirus rates in Michigan. Some health officials worry about a perfect storm. Here is the story.

Revision of the workplace: Ford’s decision to allow more flexibility for around 30,000 workers could contribute to a post-COVID revolution in the way and where we work. The history.

Up and away: “Nature is (always) open,” said a booster from the upper peninsula about the tourism boom that Michigan’s UP experienced in 2020. Read the article.

Doomed, Dead, or Destined? The NCAA tournament begins and columnist Bob Wojnowski has questions … and your answers here.

Last of a disappearing race: The Ada Covered Bridge is a Michigan Marvel. Check out this week’s #MichiganMarvels for a video close to this relic from Michigan’s past.

Editorial disagreement: The Detroit News editorial team believes Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s executive policy of approving confidentiality agreements undermines government transparency efforts. Read our opinion. (We reported on Thursday that she exempted outgoing health director Robert Gordon from his confidentiality agreement in a free story here.)

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Dusty Kennedy