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Survey: When Will Customers Be Ready to Dine at Detroit Restaurants and Bars Again?


Now that Michigan begins reopening restaurants and bars to dine-in service in some areas of the state, it is up to customers to decide when they are comfortable in a restaurant or bar.

Starting Friday, May 22, restaurants and bars in Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula will be able to open for dinner, provided they limit seating to 50 percent and keep groups three feet apart. Servers are also required to wear face coverings, and restaurants are required to follow “strict disinfection protocols”. Companies must also develop a reopening and training plan for employees that meets government-mandated requirements to combat the novel coronavirus. Local governments can impose stricter regulations on businesses. In other regions

Eater Detroit wants readers to know when they will be comfortable when they return to restaurants and bars around town. Take this short survey that includes questions about time frames to return to the restaurant’s dining rooms, restaurant COVID-19 security logs, seating, seating arrangements, and even ordering and payment options. There are also a handful of questions about takeaway ordering habits and thoughts about tipping.

* Please click the survey link if you cannot view the form on this page. This poll ends at midnight on Monday, May 24th.

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Dusty Kennedy