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The Food Events and Restaurants That Detroit Writers Are Looking Forward to in 2021


As is tradition with Eater, we closed 2020 by interviewing local food writers and our own staff on various restaurant-related topics and posting their responses over the course of the week. Next up: Which restaurant or restaurant (pop-up etc) are you most looking forward to in 2021?

Serena Maria Daniels, Founder and Editor of Tostada Magazine:

I really hope that the Holy Mole competition resumes next year. I know planning events in 2020 with endless zoom sessions was insane, but I was encouraged to attend some excellent virtual events that included high production value. I’ve seen this happen at Holy Mole if the face-to-face meeting didn’t start next fall. There needs to be a way to shed light on the many home cooks who attend the event each year.

Mark Kurlyandchik, Restaurant Reviewer, Detroit Free Press:

I never got a chance to make it to the canal coriander kitchen patio service when they were operating this summer and that’s one of my biggest regrets for 2020. I hope to correct this mistake in 2021 when they are fully open .

Melody Baetens, Restaurant Reviewer, The Detroit News:

I look forward to seeing Coriander Detroit’s permanent establishment. Every time I tried to go this summer it was closed because of the weather or some other problem. Also Baobab Fare!

Zahir Janmohamed, Co-Founder, Racist Sandwich:

The Qahwah House opens a second location in West Dearborn. It’s stunning inside and I can’t wait to hang out there and drink Adani Chai.

Brenna Houck, Editor, Eater Detroit:

Looking forward to Coriander Kitchen and Farm, which hopefully will return in 2021, and Baobab Fare, which feels like it has always annoyed Detroiters. There are also a lot of places I want to see that opened this year that I never made it to due to the pandemic.

Mickey Lyons, Freelance Writer, Eater:

As a lover of German beer and the Ostmarkt, I look forward to visiting Lagerhaus No. 5. Apparently they took the time and care in renovating the building and I think it’s a great addition to the market. Eastern Market could become the brewery district again it was 150 years ago!

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