The History of the Detroit Home HGTV’s Nicole Curtis Wants to Save


HGTV’s Nicole Curtis is currently suing the Detroit Land Bank Authority (DLBA) after acquiring the deed on a property she has maintained since 2017 and pays tax on a bank over property.

The house is currently run down and in dire need of renovation. It seems to have been abandoned for over 50 years, Curtis’ team tells House Beautiful. Although the Detroit Reno expert believed the property didn’t have a particularly rich history, she still wanted to preserve it – after all, that’s what she’s doing at Rehab Addict and Rehab Addict Rescue. However, in a curious twist of fate, she was able to piece together more of the backstory of this house.

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Bob Luyckx, 89, grew up in the house on East Grand Blvd in Detroit for the first seven years of his life from 1932 to 1939. After discovering the address of his parents’ home in a newspaper article about the lawsuit, his niece was able to connect with Curtis on Facebook. Like Curtis, Bob didn’t want the house destroyed either.

Bob Luyckx, 89, grew up in the apartment in the 1930s.

The Nicole Curtis team

Curtis spoke to Bob’s son Mike over the phone to learn more about the house. On behalf of his father, he was able to provide photos of the house in its glory days. As Curtis learned, Bob had five siblings and is currently the last one alive. While he lived at home, his family had their own furniture store in town, TA Luyckx and Sons.

Detroit home

A photo of the Luyckx children.

The Nicole Curtis team

old flyer for furniture store

The Nicole Curtis team

“These houses mean everything to me, but it’s very rare that I find the families who really own them,” Curtis said in a statement to House Beautiful. Although Bob hasn’t called the property home in over 80 years, he still feels a special bond and hopes it will be spared.

“My father and all of our family have strong bonds and memories of the city and this house. In all honesty, we have all been fans of Nicole and her team’s respect and dedication to rebuilding Detroit,” said Mike Curtis in an accompanying statement.

After hearing Bob’s story, Curtis realized that she is no longer fighting to save any abandoned property – she is fighting to save the Luyckx family’s former home. You can find more information about the lawsuit here.

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