Thieves stole their mowers, weed whackers, but Detroit kids undeterred


Detroit – Raised in one of the most criminal communities in the country, Adonnis Brooks is used to adversity – and although thieves recently inflicted a setback on the 17-year-old, he insists they didn’t steal his dreams.

Brooks is president of QuarterQuts, a fledgling landscaping company that lost all of its equipment last month when someone broke into their facility on Seven Mile in Detroit’s infamous Red Zone. The neighborhood in the northeast of the city is home to numerous gangs and other violent criminals.

Burglars took off with 20 lawnmowers, 10 weed killers, and various other lawn and snow tools along with the building’s water heater and stove, so Brooks and his QuarterQuts colleagues had to laboriously replace the equipment.

“It happens,” Brooks said of the break-in. “But I’ll keep doing what I do. You have to keep your head up.”


Dusty Kennedy