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This project helps Detroit-area restaurants and feeds the community at the same time


A partnership between the Detroit Free Press and Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers aims to make the most of a difficult time.

It’s called Top 10 Cares and it’s about connecting struggling restaurants with funds to help them feed the local communities.

Aaron Velthoven, VP Executive Producer for Marketing and Events at Free Press, was accompanied by Omar Anani, head chef and owner of Saffron de Twah, one of the restaurants involved.

The Top 10 Cares Initiative sends donations directly to local restaurants, which then deliver healthy local meals to community members in need.

The project kicked off in April 2020 and allowed readers to provide thousands of meals for frontline health workers. Now the goal is shifting to feeding members of the Detroit area community who have been hard hit by the pandemic.

Last year, Velthoven said, the group worked with winners of the top 10 best new restaurants.

Now they are working with 10 chefs named the Detroit Food Fighters of 2020. Everyone has helped give back to their communities even while their own restaurants struggled.


Top 10 Cares also works with Forgotten Harvest, who coordinated all the details to bring groceries to the community.

Anani said the money he got to feed the community helped him keep his doors open.

“We are really allowed to keep everyone busy, feed everyone, and do more for our community over time,” said Anani.

For more information on how you can help, see the video above.


Dusty Kennedy