Two Detroit Places Plus One With A Detroit Dish Nominated For Hottest New Restaurant In U.S.


Daily Detroit is all about a little Detroit food pride. So we wanted to share a decent nod that we saw for two new restaurants in Detroit and one in another city that hang their hats on a Detroit-style pizza.

Bon Appétit Magazine nominated the places en route to their “Hot 10” list, due to be released on September 17th in New York City.

The Detroit Participants:

Ocher bakery – Opened by the founders of Astro Coffee in Corktown, it has already attracted a lot of attention. They use as much organic and local ingredients as possible and are located on the Grand River and in West Warren near Woodbridge.

They also won a Motor City Match scholarship.

Ambitious coffee, bread, pastries and breakfast situations in the happiest café

Good Appetite

Warda pastries– Located between Lafayette Park and the Eastern Market on Gratiot, they offer sophisticated, internationally influenced pastries (particularly North Africa, France and Asia).

Excellent pastries (sweet and savory) as a work of art.

Good Appetite

And finally, there’s a place outside of Atlanta that serves Detroit-style pizza. It’s called Nina & Rafi. Anyone down there any information about what it is like? Get in touch. Here’s what Bon Appétit had to say:

A chef from Jersey makes Detroit-style pizza in Atlanta – and it couldn’t be more natural.

I’m always skeptical about Detroit style pizza that isn’t native to here, but in the name of research I’d be open to try it.


Dusty Kennedy