Food And Drinks Food Truck Handing Out Free Meals To Detroit Voters – CBS Detroit


Detroiters who cast their early ballots in the town clerk’s office Thursday received a free lunch courtesy of the food truck.

“I love that, these people serve tacos with chicken and some kind of Cajun sauce.” Said Betty Mannigns enjoying the free lunch after voting.

As part of its “Vote Actually” campaign, toured the country, promoting the importance of voting, and showing voters their appreciation by offering free meals to those waiting to vote. This week they are at different polling stations in Flint and Detroit.

“I’m just trying to get people to come out and vote and participate because everyone has to get their votes to change something.” Danny Chin said with

Danny is from New York and says he saw a large turnout in Detroit voters this week.

“Yesterday we served about a thousand people.”

“Voters need to know that they can go anywhere and not be afraid and they can eat and people are giving this stuff away.” Said Betty

The organizers say they are doing just that. Giving away chicken and vegetable tacos across the country is just one way to show appreciation to those who exercise their right to vote. And in return, people show them some love.

“While I’m driving on the autobahn, they honk every time someone comes by.”

The Food Truck will be back in Detroit at various polling stations on Friday.

For current locations, follow the organization @votedotorg