Watch: Sixth-grader with cerebral palsy makes touchdown in Detroit Lakes


A sixth grader with cerebral palsy touchdown during a soccer game during recess at Detroit Lakes Middle School, and a video of the play went viral.

Kale Hannahs was given the ball during a game last week and his teacher Katie Biggar videotaped it (see below).

Biggar wrote, “Sometimes people think I’m crazy about teaching middle school, and sometimes it happens during recess.”

Kale told Valley News Live that he’s usually content to watch his classmates play, but last week they made sure he had the chance to play.

“I was the quarterback. I was the one who ran. They gave me the ball and tried to block the other team so I wouldn’t get hit,” he told the news channel.

Viking recipient Adam Thielen, who is from Detroit Lakes himself, told Kale in a tweet “good job”.

It has been shared thousands of times since Biggar’s video was posted on Facebook Thursday.


Dusty Kennedy