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When Baseballs and Food Collide: A Detroit Tigers Slideshow


The Detroit Tigers ended a fun and impressive round of the Houston Astros last night. Just moments before the tense conclusion of this series, the Chicago White Sox hurler Carlos Rodón completed the second no-hitter of the young season.

Earlier in the day, Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Corbin Burnes became the first pitcher since 1906 to hit 30 batters and not let anyone run in his first three starts of the season. It was a great day for baseball!

But the best that happened was this:

About 66 million years ago, a large asteroid crashed into Mexico’s Yucatán peninsula. This collision liquefied the ground, triggering earthquakes, megatsunamis, and volcanic eruptions.

It sent clouds of debris into the atmosphere, which then fell back to the earth like millions of burning knives, brooding the air and sparking forest fires around the world. It killed 75% of all life on the planet and paved the way for mammals to invent baseball.

That impact was only slightly more devastating than what Justin Turner’s homerun did to these nachos.

We love nachos in Motor City Bengals and we hate it when they are harmed. But it’s incredibly fun to watch the worlds of baseball and food collide.

Baseball is a fabulous spectator sport. There are dozens of different ways to get fans to boo, cheer, or scream with glee. But there is only one way to make an entire stadium scream “aooohhh” like an indignant mob boss:

Last night’s nacho mishap made us remember some of our favorite food-related incidents. Not all of them are going to be so tragic, and not all of them are going to involve Detroit Tigers players, but they all make us smile. And we’re sticking to video evidence, so no discussion of Spencer Torkelson’s bean pot or the epic Gates Brown hot dog incident.

Let’s start with an iconic Detroit Tigers food moment …


Dusty Kennedy